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Nuby silicone bib.

Hi guys!
food on the floor! 
food in the air!
food in their hair!
food in the chair!
what does this sound like to you? a food fight at a jr high school? Hmm. No, not exactly more like a toddler eating dinner!

Think baby, with Thinkbaby.org.

Hi guys!

"My name's Zoe, I run a blog called ThinkBaby.org with a few other moms, that's focused around sharing free information related to baby care, parenting and mother's lifestyle. I have a passion for helping mother's with their children and empowering them to be the best moms they can be.

Life with my Lily Jade.

Hi guys!
When I first found out I was pregnant with Ivy my first born I did a bunch of research. I researched bottles, clothing, car seats you name it. In doing my research I came across a diaper bag. It was the most beautiful diaper bag I had ever seen. Not only was it a diaper bag but also doubled as a purse, backpack, and carrier. This bag was everything; this bag was a Lily Jade.

Ivy says.

Hi guys!
Today I am back with another blog post of "Ivy Says" this is one of my favorite post to write because Ivy is so funny, and she has no idea. Check out what Ivy's been saying below.