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6 spring looks for kids (collab featuring. That Dope Mom blog).

Hi guys!
happy spring! spring is here and the weather is getting warmer! with warmer weather comes warmer clothing. With that said I am super excited today to bring you all 6 favorite looks for your little's for the spring season! I am even more excited that I have collaborated with one of my favorite mommy bloggers to do so. My girl Sharnique of The Dope Mom blog (you can check her blog out here). The two of us have each chosen 3 of our favorite looks from Old Navy that we love. We hope you guys enjoy these looks!

Kleynimals for Ari.

Hi guys!
If you're two year old is yucky like mine then they love putting things in their mouth. Paper, toys, crumbs, fingers and even the dreaded and disgusting car keys. can you say hand, foot and mouth? oh gosh no. Well now with Aria's new toy from Kleynimals I don't have to really worry about that anymore.

Family photo shoot with Gleaful Photography.

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"I have always loved the idea of freezing moments and being able to physically hold memories.I avoid posing and encourage interaction and playing. I want to see crows feet as a genuine smile appears. I want to get the redness of cheeks as jokes are whispered into ears and the love in couple's eyes."

These are the exact words from an amazingly talented photographer by the name of Alexis. This past weekend my little family and I were honored enough to be able to do a photo shoot with Alexis. Oh and let me tell you this it was nothing short of wonderful.

5 easy ways to get your child up for school.

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I don't know about you but I dread waking Ivy up for school in the mornings. Now Ivy has a bed time, so she goes to sleep at the same time each night. She gets more than a full 8 hours and she sleeps through the night. But Ivy, well Ivy just isn't a morning person. So when it's time for me to wake her up for school it's the worst.