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Our 1st wedding anniversary.

Hi guys!
It's been two weeks since my husband and I celebrated our 1 year marriage anniversary. 1 whole year of being married and 11 years of being together. We made it. Through the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations we went through so much together in the first year. I learned so much from being married (read about it here) and this journey has only made me fall more in love with my husband. They say the first year is the honeymoon phase, but every year I am with him feels like a honeymoon to me. And our first anniversary was no exception. 

Photo Series: 5 tips for taking family photos.

Pregnancy announcement photo shoot 2015.

Hi guys!
Oh yes, professional family photos. How often do you take them with your family? Once a year? once a month? Special occasion? I know for The Carr family we tend to take them maybe twice a year. We usually take them at the beginning of the year and the end of the year. It's amazing to see how much my husband and I have changed and how much our girls have grown. People often ask me how do we make family photos work so well for us? So as we gear up to take our next family photos in a few months I thought it was a good idea to give away 5 tips we use for taking family photos.

The Car Seat Key.

Hi guys!
If you know me you know a few things about me. I love going shopping, rolling down the aisle of Target buying things I don't need, my kids oh and long nails. But while I do love these things it can sometimes be such an impossible task and that's all because of my kid's car seat. The car seat? I know you may be thinking well what does that have to do with anything? Well, how in the world am I going to take a trip to go shopping at Target to buy things I don't need with my kids if I can't get them out of their car seats because of my long nails uh? :) yes, now you see what I mean? Okay, okay maybe not just yet. So let me talk to you about a thing that we call The Car Seat Key.

Safe & fun bath time with Nuby.

Hi guys!
I don't know about you mamas but bath time for my kids is a great time for me. It's literally the only time where I can do things like fold laundry, make dinner, or just lay down in peace and quiet. Bath time is also one of the only time where Ivy and Aria aren't fighting or pulling each others hair out. Bath time is a peaceful time for all in the Carr household. Not only is it a peaceful time but a safe time as well. Making sure that the girls are having fun and being safe is a top priority of mine. So to keep it that way I have some super fun Nuby faves to share with you.