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Thin Energy.

Hi guys!
I'm currently writing this far away in on a island, where it's sunny and beautiful maybe like 75 degrees. The weather is perfect. Lounging in my huge private beach home on the balcony with my feet kicked up. I can see the water from here. It's green and blue and sparkly. Oh gosh the water is so sparkly. The palm trees are blowing in the breezy and the air, oh man the air smells like sweet pineapples and tropical flowers. No cell phones or anything so my husband cant check any freaking college football scores every two seconds. A little ways from the water I can see my husband and our girls building sandcastles very well behaved and quietly. Best part is the girls aren't fighting, instead they're sharing their sand toys! yes sharing, I know right. They are being so well behaved they aren't even getting sand in their hair. Wow I feel so lucky to be here, how perfect is this. I look to the right of me and grab my bottle of Hibiscus passion fruit Thin Energy. Hmm it's so tasty feels like a dream...

Ivy says.

Hi guys!
In today's blog I'm back with some crazy things Ivy has said lately. She is so silly I cant get enough of her little mouth. I cant believe she will be four in March. Any who here's today blog of Ivy says.

Swaddle, carrier, & bibs oh my.

Hi guys!
I have had the pleasure of doing so many reviews for some awesome shops. I have been able to review nearly everything from books to toys to music and food. I feel so honored these companies trust me with their products for review. But every blue moon I get lucky enough to not only connect with the shop and their products but the people behind the shop too. This post is all about Daisy Gro, so before I get started on this review I would just like to take a quick moment to say Thank you to Joanne for being my first contact with the Daisy Gro family and always helping me out with product questions you're amazing. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen i'd like to introduce you to Daisy Gro.


Hi guys!
do you like music? I do like all types of music, although my favorite is pop. I love rocking out to rock though feeling like a rock star. Hmm although I do love to pretend like I'm a bad ass rapper when I'm listen to hip hop. Oh but wait I love singing with accent when I'm jamming to county. I don't know you guys I really cant decided. But you know what that's okay because one things for sure I love music period. I listen to music every day so of course I had to have some nice headphones to rock out with right?

Ivy’s big girl bike.

Hi guys!
Not to long ago one beautiful afternoon my husband decided to take our daughter outside to teach her how to ride her first real "big kid bike". Ivy had received a bike for Christmas from our sweet next door neighbors. A nice two wheel bike with training wheels on the back and it just so happened to be Ivy's favorite color pink. Any who my husband told me she caught on really fast, it only took her around two tries before she finally got the hang of it. My sweet first born, shes growing so fast I cant believe she'll be four soon. I am so excited for my big girl and her new bike riding adventures I just wanted to share the video with you guys. The end is my favorite part. I'm such a proud mama. 
Go Ivy!