Winter wonderland.

Global Winter Wonderland.

Hi guys!
How was your weekend? Mine's was lit..literally. This past weekend my husband and I took our girls to Global winter wonderland. It's a theme park that comes around once a year in the area. They have a
ton of Christmas lights, lots of yummy foods, rides, games and some pretty cool shows. We got our tickets off Groupon really cheap. So Sunday night we bundled our girls up and went to the park. We had so much fun, I'm glad we got to make some Christmas memory's as a family. Only one week left until Christmas! we are ready! :)

Ivy loved this castle.
Pushing her sister, such a good big sis.
Some cool lights.
She felt like a princess.
The Eiffel tower. 
We like our food greasy and bacon filled.
Corn dogs anyone?
Love all the colors.
Giant candy cane.
Aria slept through the first 40 minutes of us being there.
Candy factory.
The dino ride. Aria was to small to ride anything.
Go Ivy go!
Animals on top of more animals.
She wanted a photo with all the lights, this kid of mine.
Real dads ride pink elephants with their daughters.
Just missing Cinderella.
Dad got us some long rope candies.
So many flavors.
Ivy's snake gummy.
Delicious hot dogs. I had a bacon wrapped one. 
Hey look a whale.
By the entrance.
Oh Christmas tree. 
The Carr's. My family.
The night ended perfectly with snow. (fake snow of course) it was actually bubbles but the girls loved it.
It was a great night.

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