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3 ways to make your little girl feel like a princess everyday.

Hi guys!
As you know by now by I am a mommy of two. Two amazing, incredibly, out of this world free-spirited girls. I sleep, breath and eat being a girl mom. From ballet to skirts, big bows and pink everything I love it all. I feel like pretty lucky to have Ivy and Aria. I always treat them as if they are my little princesses daily, which is why on the blog today I decided to share 3 ways to make your little girl feel like a princess every day too with Little Adventures.

2018 holiday toy gift guide (featuring. RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild & YULU toys).

Hi guys!
Do your little ones enjoy creative toys? Toys that test their imagination and make their minds run wild? Toys that dare to be different than anything else on the shelf in the store? Well if this sounds like something for your little ones and you are still searching for a toy gift guide for the upcoming holidays well I got chu. I've teamed up with RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild and YULU toys to bring you their toy gift guide. 

Today I am 29.

Hi guys!
Today I am officially 29 years old! My last year in my 20's. So much has happened in my 20's that I am so grateful for, so many trails, tribulations so many lessons learned. I've had bad days, good days, and everything in between. So as I sit here today on my birthday I thought I would write a small post to reflect back on my 20's and all it has taught me.

Twirls for the girls (featuring. Mila & Rose).

Hi guys!
I don't know about you but I sure do love a darling twirl dress on my girls. I mean really, watching them spin around, jump, run and play they are everything. So in today's post, I bring you some of my favorite twirls for the girls with Mila And Rose.