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Ivy says.

Hi guys!
It's here!!!! Today's edition of Ivy says. If you are a new reader and unfamiliar to this blog segment then let me fill you in. Ivy says is a segment of my blog in which I bring you some of the funniest things that come out of my 4 year old's mouth. Ivy says so much on a daily basis so when I can I grab my phone and write it down in my notes, thus Ivy says blog post is born. Enjoy :) Oh by the way check out more of Ivy says here!

Fighting like a girl with my girls (Breast Cancer Awareness Walk).

Hi guys!
The fun over the weekend continues with Sunday funday (you can read about my Saturday here). This weekend I tore up my room finding all things pink because it was time to fight like a girl for Brest cancer awareness.

Our 6th family trip to Apple Hill.

Hi guys!
This past weekend was a weekend to remember. It was my family's 6th trip to Apple Hill! Apple Hill is basically a giant hill with a bunch of different farms, ranches, gardens, wineries stores and more. It's always a good time. And for the 6th time in a row, it did not disappoint.

Clever Ways To Keep Kids Learning At Home.

You might think that a child’s main source of learning should be at school and perhaps it should. After all, they spend hours there every day for that purpose. However, it might be wise to introduce at least some level of learning at home as well. You might want to think about taking the time to teach them some lessons that they probably won’t learn in the classroom.