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Hi guys, happy Thanksgiving!!!
today is the day we reflect on what/who we are thankful for. A day where we give thanks to everything wonderful we have in our lives. Although most of us do this on a daily basis, today is the day we give a little extra meaning to the word "thankful". So as I sit here with
my family waiting for thanksgiving dinner to finish I decided to name the top 5 things I am thankful for. (photo above from a while back with my daughters.)

    1. My family: Every single day these people in my life do nothing but make me realize how lucky I am to have them around. My entire family my husband, daughters, mom, dad, sisters, brother, nieces, cousin etc will always come first in my life.

    2. My girls: I don't have very many girlfriends because this day in age people are so hard to trust and rely on. I have met so many people in these last few years who have stayed consistent and be there for me. From growing up, being in college, having careers, starting families, moving away and so much more we have always been there for one another. My girls have always been there for me through everything. Melissa, Tonisha, Dani, Bailey Ash, Sam, Maria, Miranda, Angel, Stac, Latesia., Kendra just to name a few. I love you girls.

    3. My health: Something I cannot take for granted is my body. After 27 years in the game and it has been through bumps and bruises, trips and falls. Grew, carried and birthed not one but two beautiful girls, got me through numerous marathons including my first half 13.1 (where I swore I was going to die) and I'm still standing strong. I may not love the outside of my body every time I look in the mirror but all be dammed I love the inside. I am health, I exercise daily, drink a ton of water and attempt I said attempt to eat right. I am blessed to not have had any health problems. 

4. My job: Most people wake up on Mondays and are like "No its Monday.. not another week of this job." Not the case here. Everything happens for a reason and when I got the opportunity to work in medical field doing what I always wanted to do I jumped on it. I love my job more than any job I've ever had. My co workers, patients (most of the time) bosses and the entire company is just wonderfully made. I love what I do.


5. My iphone: It's a iphone duh. The end.

I hope everyone has a amazing thanksgiving, eat a lot of turkey and take a moment to reflect on how awesome you and your life are! :)

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