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What to get the hubby for Christmas.

Hi guys,
Jingle bells, husband's smell, they never clean their mess. They sleep all day while the kids laugh and play and mom gets stuck with the mess hey! Just kidding, just kidding. Husbands are great they
deserve recognition too. While they are kinda stinky and they really do never clean their messes we still love them anyways and they still deserve gifts too. So for this post similar to my what to get mom for Christmas here I am going to talk about the top 5 things to get dads for Christmas as well.

1. Levi 501 jeans: These jeans are great for men! They don’t drag to the ground, they’re super comfy. My husband loves them, I actually bought him two pair black Friday, and they are on sale! Go buy some quickly. Shop Here

2. Tile Mate: Tile is amazing, I actually got one this year for my birthday it’s a tiny little key chain that allows you to pretty much attach it to anything and be able to track it. Diaper bags, purses, car keys. For men it’s great for their wallets. Shop Here

3. NBA2K18: If your husband is like mine he loves sports and video games. Sometimes I think husbands get so into the game they dream they’re really out on the court playing. What better ways to make his dream come true than to get him NBA2K18. The game features lots of realistic graphics and offers hours of fun. You can even play online with friends. This is also on sale! Shop Here

4. VISA gift card: Husbands can be picky little creatures now can’t they? So get them a Visa card and let them buy all the weird quirk men gadgets their hearts desire. You can get a visa gift card at most retails stores and it’s nearly excepted everywhere. Shop Here

5. Victoria Secrets lingerie: At the end of the day I don’t really need to explain why this is on the list... men lol. Shop Here

 And there you have it, my gift guide for all the husbands out there. Everybody's husband is different so I always suggest just doing your research and seeing what your husband likes of course. But I hope this helped you out a little bit. So here's the real question..what are you getting your husband for Christmas?


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