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Christmas throwbacks.

Me and the girls last Christmas. Poor Ari was sick.

Hi guys!
I'm so excited we only have a few more days left until Christmas. Seeing as how I don't post on the weekends (because its family time) I thought posting some old photos of my family and I from
past Christmas's would be a great last post before Christmas . So here are some of my favorite photos over the years of us. Disclaimer the photos are kinda old and ugly quality so I totally apologize in advance. Merry (almost) Christmas! and don't forget to finish your shopping, eat a lot of Christmas cookies and enjoy this weekend with your loved ones. Bye guys :)

Christmas 2015 and yep were def bringing back these pajamas this year.
Ivy's very first Christmas.
Last Christmas. Shes so spoiled.

This is one of my favorite photos ever. 
Last year. Aria's first Christmas, we didn't get many photos of her she was sick.
First Christmas as parents.

My Ivy. Another one from her first Christmas she was so tiny.

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  1. Speechless!There's literally not enough space on here to fit....... what is going through my head and heart right now. After reading this blog and understanding the DEPTH, as to where this blog is taking my daughter,and knowing who she is as a person! Speechless! And anyone that truly honestly knows Porsha,smh smh smh, knows that this is ONLY the beginning!! I'm not even sure if your supposed to be on here blabbing like this. Lol I've never EVER commented on ANYONE'S blog before. Like is there a particular blog etiquette that I'm supposed to uphold here or something?? Aight I'm gone before I embarrass my cool self. Love you PORSHA and even more proud of you! Watch out world! Here comes the daughter of ROLAND!