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I'm NOT a Pinterest mom.

Hi guys!
So while browsing Pinterest recently I got inspired to make some DIY Christmas crafts with the girls. I seen a bunch of stuff I wanted to recreate. But instead of recreating them I thought it would be a
bright idea to take a few of my favorite ideas and smash them all into one. Boy oh boy let me tell you..


 I wanted to recreate a Christmas tree made with pom poms but instead of printing out a Christmas tree template I wanted to use Styrofoam cones that looked like Christmas trees instead. So I took a little Walmart trip and bought 2 bags of pom poms, glue and two packs of Styrofoam trees. It all came out to around $9.00....


It was looking good the girls were dipping their pom poms into glue and sticking them onto the Styrofoam trees.

looking good there Ivy.. or so I thought..

All of a sudden the poor little pom pom started falling off one by one, it turned into a sticky mess! Aria started crying because she had dry glue on her hands and Ivy started getting restless and throwing sticky pom poms on the floor...


I decided this clearly wasn't going to work so I decided to go print out Christmas tree templates and have the girls glue the pom poms to those. Good idea right? nope turns out my printer was nearly out of ink. Cool.

I ended up drawing Christmas trees for them. Unfortunately by this time they had 99.9% lost interest in this craft and them pom poms were so sticky and soggy they did not want to even stick to the paper. So our awesome looking Pinterest Christmas trees came out looking like.. well.. like this

moral of the story.. I'm not a Pinterest mom & I'm fine with that.

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  1. Omgosh looks like my snowflake ornament mess at the party. Don’t you love when your bright ideas don’t go as planned lol.