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Ivy says.

Ivy Rose.

Hi guys!
In today's blog I'm going to start a new feature called "Ivy says". I find that at least once, twice or 90-95 times a day Ivy tends to say things that are so funny and totally worth writing down so I can laugh about them later.

Now I can blog about them and we can laugh about them together. In this post of Ivy says, here are some of the funniest things she's said throughout this week. 

"get out so I can poo mommy!
When I went to the bathroom to help her.

"you have a squishy on your face."
She says to me as shes pointing out a lovely pimple.

"its pretty froggy out here."
When we walked outside to get in the car the other morning.

"I only like Lego's and I don't like shots."
While walking through the Lego aisle at Target. 

"you cant have juice boxes.. you're a mom."
Last night when I went to drink one of her juice boxes.


  1. Lol..don’t you love what kids say!!

    1. Lol its crazy lets hope they dont end up as us like teenagers oh gosh lol