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Purple Splash Studios.

Hi guys!
When I first started blogging last month I had a few companies reach out to me to do reviews. They were great and had a lot to offer. But there was one company that stood out so much I actually reached out to them, Purple Splash Studios. Purple Splash Studios is a company founded by a mother and daughter to create things like inspirational books and games. Their goal is to ignite a flame in others that creates joy and happiness in people of all ages, all around the world.

When I received my journals from Purple Splash Studios in the mail it was like instant happiness. I received two journals from them one entitled "My Happy Place" and one entitled "My Gratitude & Dream Journal". Both best selling journals on Amazon.com, I was thrilled to have these in my hand. While thumbing through the journals I realized while they were amazing they weren't for Ivy (3) and Aria's (1) age group so I handed them over to my nieces Paris (12) and Parisah (8) to fill out. Needless to say my nieces loved them.

The journal My Happy Place went to Paris. In this journal she got to do things like write about her feeling and whats going on in Jr high school. She got to express herself by talking about her favorite friends, dreams, music. Because of course what teenager doesn't love to talk about themselves right? :)

the journal is really great, and it helps me get out all of my opinions.

The Journal My Gratitude & Dream went to Parisah. In this journal she got to draw photos of  her dreams and how she sees the world in her imagination.  She drew photos of people, princesses and animals even herself.  It was really neat watching her little brain come to life in a journal. 

my journal is pretty and I like to draw in it.

Purple Splash Studios offer so much that allows you to be crazy, imaginative, artist, loud, creative, bold, powerful, the best you that you can be. I am so grateful I got the chance to review these journals with my nieces and I cannot wait until Ivy and Aria are old enough to have their own too. 
Thank you for the journals Purple Splash Studios!

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Purple Splash Studio.) 

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