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Top 5 kid Christmas gifts.

Hey guys! With Black Friday and cyber Monday now gone you might be worrying you missed all the good sales for your little's. Well worry no more! because
I’ve teamed up with one of my best friends The Mother Wander to bring you our top 5 hottest girl toys and hottest boy toys under $20.00! I’m pretty excited for this because Melissa (The Mother Wander) is a boy mom and I’m a girl mom so you really get the best of both worlds in this post! Plus our 4 toddlers are total toy box experts! Any who without further ado we being you our hottest toy picks for Christmas 2017.

The girl toys
1.Baby Alive Doll This doll is pretty awesome not only can you feed it, but you can also change its diaper too. We’ve already purchased one for Ivy for Christmas. These dolls do range from around $14.00-$54.00. But this particular one is only $19.00!

2. L.O.L Surprise Doll Seriously this toy is so hot it burns! Every single time I go Wal-Mart or Target this toy is SOLD OUT! They are only $9.99 My daughter and niece loves these! They are baby dolls that come with clothes and accessories surprise! There are even smaller ones for around $6.99.

3. Barbie Glam Convertible Barbie has gotta get around town right? Why not do it in this super stylish Barbie car. It’s cute and it’s sparkly pink, winner, winner.

4. Fingerlings Now I’ll be honest I don’t know much about these little finger monkeys but I do know they are sold in different animals and the kids go cray, cray over them. For about $14.00 I would too.

5. Hatchimals Both of my girls love these things. They are tiny little eggs you crack open with tiny little creatures inside of them. They range from around $4.99 and up. They also sell the really giant ones for about $60.00.

The boy toys, Melissa take it away...

Melissa here! As a mom of two boys, I know a thing or two about toys and the things that they’re into. We can’t get out of target, Walmart, or even the mall without going down the ‘toy isle’ to check for our favorites. The list below will please just about any boy from the ages of 1 to 8. They are the toys my kids reach for day after day, and they are all under $20. 

1. LEGO city Fire Ladder Truck  
We are LEGO obsessed at our house! My boys are just starting to get into the LEGO fun. I know most sets are pretty expensive, but this one is priced pretty reasonably. It includes the truck and a few other fire related items. I love the LEGO city collection because the directions are so easy to follow even I can build them correctly! This gem is currently priced at $19.99 over on Amazon!  
2. VTech drill and learn Tool Box set 
This toy is another family favorite! Both of my boys love going around the house “fixing” things. I like this because VTech toys are pretty indestructible and they have held up through both boys. This is priced at $16 on Amazon! 

3. VTech Kidibeats drum set  
We all love this toy for many reasons. It lights up, let’s you play your own beat, or you can follow the beat that the set gives you. It has games you can play, and fun songs that don’t get on you’re nerves! You can pitched this set on Amazon for a little over $17. It’s a great toy and it won’t break the bank! 

4. Early Engineering Vehicles 
This is probably the best bang for you buck I’ve listed so far. You get six vehicles in this set. A cement mixer, forklift, excavator, a bulldozer, an asphalt car, and a tank truck. They aren’t too huge but they are fun to play with. This whole set is currently listed for $12.99 on amazon! 

5. Friction powered dunk truck 
This truck is loads of fun! It is battery operated, has a real working dump truck mechanism and makes authentic construction truck/site sounds. I have not been able to find another truck that holds up as well to dirt and toddlers. This one is a must if you have a sandbox or have kids who like dirt! It’s currently on Amazon for $18.95. 

Happy shopping guys! :)

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