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Zay the barber.

Zay the barber at work.

Hi guys!
I was talking to my husband recently when he had mentioned he was going to get his hair cut. When my husband gets his hair cut hes like a whole new husband. He comes back home after his
appointment with a whole new confidence. It's damn nice. Guys aren't very picky about
many things but if its one they thing are picky about it's about who cuts their hair. So I'd like to introduce you guys to the man behind the hair cut, Isaiah Ford. Isaiah is a amazing local barber who has been cutting hair for the last 7 years. Even though he has been cutting hair for the last 7 years this young and talented barber is just getting started. With a huge following of 100K on his Instagram page (@Zaythe_barber) and a even bigger following within the community Isaiah is going places. He recently cut my husbands hair and he's so talented he was able to record an entire video while doing so. The video has only been up a few days and has already conjured up over 50,000 views! Check his out his video of him cutting my husbands hair below.

Check him out or book him here @Zaythe_barber

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