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Bella B Honey.

Bella B silk & honey.
Hi guys!
It has been so cold outside this winter, geez. My skin has totally been suffering from this cold weather. So lately I have been looking for a product. What kinda product you ask? Well something that not only smells nice, but also something that makes my skin radiate and glow. Something that is made with wholesome ingredients, that wont irritate my daughters skin when I give them lots of cuddles (they have eczema). I was also looking for something I can after showers at home or at the gym. Well it's time to share that I'm positive I've found it in the form of
Bella B Silk and Honey body cream.

I need like 100 more bottles.

Bella B is a line made of natural organic products safe for mom and baby. The ingredients are fresh and purifying leaving every part of your skin thanking you and wanting more. Bella B makes everything from tummy butter to bubble bath, baby wipes and postnatal care products. Bella B isn't like those other companies out there. They truly care about each and every mother and child their create their products for. I enjoy the line because each product is created with care. They also make convenient travel sized products for diaper bags or purses.

The bottle is so cute right?

My skin is so smooth.

I have been using Bella B Silk and Honey body cream for a few weeks now and the difference in my skin is gorgeous. My skin is baby soft now and no longer dry or irritated anymore. Even my husband has noticed a difference. He cant keep his hands off me, I'm so not complaining. I use my body cream daily after I get out of the shower. I would suggest this line to every mom.

The best.

Thank you Bella B for the body cream.
You can buy Bella B Silk and Honey body cream HERE.
You can shop all Bella B products at HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a Sponsored post by Bella B.)

Silk & Honey Moisturizing Body Cream

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