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Bella B little rub.

Hi guys!
It's that time of year again, no, no I'm not talking about Christmas silly. What I'm taking about is the winter time aka cold season. I love the winter for so many reasons where do I began. The rain (wish we had snow), the fashion, hot coco, warm cuddles yes I dig all of that. But I hate being sick, and you wanna know what I hate even more than being sick? I hate when my little's are sick! Ugh that's the worst. Seeing their tiny hopeless little body not be able to fight off those nasty germs is awful. It sucks because there's nothing we can do. But I found something to make things a little bit easier. It's my newest secret weapon and I call it Bella B Little B Decongesting chest rub.

The little bee rub is great for congested little's. Heck not gonna lie I totally use this stuff on myself as well. My youngest baby girl Ari just turned two and lately she has been catching colds like its nobody's business. I try to stay on top of things when I'm home making sure she wears socks, keeping windows closed, long sleeves all that good stuff but.. at the end of the day whats unpreventable is just simply that.. unpreventable. But using the little bee rub makes the unpreventable so much easier to deal with. Trust me when I say you will want some of this for your little one.

The little Bee rub comes in a compact bottle for easy use. The rub is white and very lightly creamy, before you even open up the bottle you can smell the rub. You don't have to scoop up much to get the effect going. Aria loves the way it feels when I apply it to her chest. She always looks up at me and giggles. Little bee rub is created with natural eucalyptus and lavender. It opens up baby's chest and airways calming them and soothing all that yucky stuffiness away. If it weren't for our little bee rub I'm not sure where we would be no pun intended. We use our rub at night right before bed time so when Aria is sick she gets a good nights rest without waking up feeling congested. The time is now, don't wait for your little bee to get sick before you get some little bee rub.

Thank you Bella B for our Bella B Little B Decongesting chest rub!
You can buy Bella B Little B Decongesting chest rub HERE.

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