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Bumkins snack bags.

Hi guys!
Is it just me or do you guys give your little's snacks through out the day too? Of course it's not just me, of course you do. We're parents that's what we do. If your toddlers are hungry, hungry hippos like mine then they are snacking all through out the day. Hey nothing wrong with that but I wish there was something.. hmm.. something that was small, yet cute and colorful. You know maybe likE a little baggy with a zipper on it created by the fabulous Bumkins..

So do you guys remember a little while ago I had given you the low down on some awesome plates we had been using from Bumkins?  (click HERE to read.) Well today I'm going to give you the low down on something a little different. Today I am going to talk you about the Bumkins snack bags. Bet you never seen anything like these babies before. Have ya? Hmm.

Bumkins snack bags are reusable little bags for toddlers on the go. They are a great alternative to using plastic bags and they are Eco friendly. Bumkins snack bags are also made with water proof material and safe for the dishwasher as well. Just turn them inside out and they are ready to be washed. These sweet little bags come in size small for your tiny snacks like cheerios or Gerber melts. Yet they also come in size large for bigger snacks maybe orange slices or sandwiches. Plus they also come in super fantastic colors and designs such as Batman or Dr. Seuss.

We received three packages of  the small snack bags, two in each package. We also received two of the large snack bags as well ( not pictured).  My girls loved them! They are easy to tug around and run outside with. They also enjoyed the patterned designs on them. They used theirs to carry their chips inside. The snack bags were easy for me to clean and store too. I cannot wait until Ivy and Ari start elementary school I will be using these to pack their lunches all the time. These bags are a real mom hack, I love em.

Thank you to Bumkins for all of our snack bags!
You can shop Bumkins snack bags HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)

(This is a sponsored post from Bumkins.)

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