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California Found.

Hi guys!
I know a place, where the grass is really greener. Warm, wet and wild. There must be something in the water. You could travel the world but nothing comes close to the golden coast. California girls were undeniable fine, fresh, fierce we go it on lock. West coast represent now put your hands up. Oh, oh, oh ,oh oh, oh, ohhhh. If you read that in your best Katy Perry voice then you know the song. So whats up with this post? where am I going with this? Well California girls and now honorary California girls I'm going to tell you all about it.

I recently had the honor of being able to review a box from California Found! California Found is a monthly subscription box that comes straight to your door step of small handmade goodies created here in California by super talented artisans. The boxes come in a subscription choice of one, three or six months. Subscriptions ship free to the US and for $7.95 to Canada. There are shipping fees on gifts of $7.95 in the US and $14.95 to Canada. You can renew or cancel at any time. With affordable prices each box comes with like items such maybe a piece of beautiful jewelry, a gourmet treat, a beauty product and a crafted home good product. Every piece in the box is meant to be stylish and unique just like California.

In my box I received:
Inky Mess Press greeting cards.
K. Leone Design necklace.
Hand woven LKLY mini basket.
ADME Apothecary.
Hundredth acre candle.
Just Jan's spread.

My Inky Mess Press greeting cards were so unique. They had beautiful photos of different things in Venice beach that you would see in here California.

My K. Leone Design necklace was beautiful with a pearl in the middle in a 14K gold fill. It wore gorgeously around my neck and every where I went I received compliments on it. Even my daughters were asking if they can try on mamas necklace. I adore it I have nothing like it in my collection.

My Hand woven LKLY mini basket was so tiny and cute you can tell it was crafted with love. It had a very rustic feel to it which made me swoon over it and the details were so memorizing. My mini basket also held the ADME Apothecary.

My ADME Apothecary is a facial mask that you rub onto your skin. It uses high quality ingredients that repair and replenish your skin. It felt really good I had never used anything like it.

My Hundredth acre candle WAS LIFE! I am so serious when I say THIS WAS THE BEST CANDLE I EVER EVER SMELLED IN 28 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish they made soap so I could rub it all over my body. I can’t explain the smell. It smelled like a tropical rain forest beach garden. I smelled it before I opened the box, I absolutely am in love with this candle.

 My Just Jan's spread was so yummy. I shared it with my girls on some toast for breakfast and they're picky eaters and they even approved of it.

Our entire box was so California. As a California girl born and raised I would recommend this box to anybody. Mother, friend, sister, neighbor anybody!

Oh and P.S January collections start shipping this week and will arrive on doorsteps in time for Valentine’s Day!

If you would like to be a Cali found girl to use the code PORSHA20 for 20% of your purchase :)

Thank you California Found for the box.
You can check out California Found HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by California Found.

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