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Canvas birthday/everyday crafts.

Hi guys!
Last weekend me and my little's took a trip to our local Walmart to grab a few things for some neat arts and crafts. My girls and I love doing arts and crafts we have a wall full of them. It's super fun to watch them work and get creative. I try to incorporate arts and crafts into our lives at least two or three times a month.

For this arts and crafts day we wanted to make a special keepsake not only for our wall but the girls nonis (grandma) wall as well. You see today is Noni’s birthday and the girls really wanted to make her a gift. I decided to let the girls paint on canvas outlining their names on it and one for Nonu with her name on it. This craft is super easy and super fun. I like this craft because while paint is involved it doesn't get very messy.  So below is a list of things you will need for this craft. Like I said up above we got all our supplies from Walmart for only a few bucks.

  • 2 white canvas ($3.00)
  • Painters tape ($2.00)
  • Paint (we used paint sticks I think they were $2-$3 bucks)
  • Scissors (we had at home)

So the steps are really simple. 
-Open up the canvas and shake them sometimes plastic gets stuck to them.
-Next cut pieces of tape and then shape them into your child's name. Our tape did not want to stick on some spots, so we had to use duck tape too. 
-Then go ahead and let your child do their creative thing and draw and color or write all over them. Aria went hard on the paint durning hers.. no literally. She like almost broke a paint pen. Ha. I ended up letting the girls do them seperatly because Ivy wanted to finish playing dress up. 
-Once the kids are done go ahead and let them dry. Then you're all done! Beautiful art to hang in your nursery or around the house or a special birthday gift. :)

Happy birthday to my mother in law Tasha & the girls noni.

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  1. oh i love this Aya did something similar when she visited her cousin out of town. shemade George a father's day gift. now it hangs on the wall.