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Drink D.Stil.

Hi Guys!
This new year has been off to a pretty nice start! I've ran my first race, lifting more at the gym and now I've even found my latest new drinking obsession the D.Stil water bottle. I absolutely love being fit! It keeps me energized and on top of my game. I wake up five days a week at 5:40 AM get dressed and head to the gym. I work out for one hour, shower and head to start my day. For the rest of my day I'm instantly in a great mood and ready to take on the world. Being fit and being healthy are a vital part of life rather we like it or not. In order to stay fit and healthy I drink a lot of water on a daily basis. This is the part where my D.Stil comes in.

D.Stil is a fashionable modern day water bottle designed to not only make you look good but feel good too. D.Stil was built to be highly functional for no matter what type of lifestyle you live. I have two toddlers who love to throw things and break them. Na uh not with my D.Stil bottle. The bottle is very lightweight but built tough to last.

D.Stil comes in a range of colors and sizes and three different types of  bottle.

Pinch + Carry:
This bottle is good for people who want to drink water and look fine doing it. The Pinch + Carry is BPA and leak free. It comes with a large strap for holding. When you're ready to drink, just pinch the sides of the bottle and pull up the top. Its that simple and that convenient. This one comes in six different designs.

Pop Top Thermal:
This bottle is very cool, because in this bottle you not only can drink water but coffee too. This bottle fits perfect inside of cup holders and are great to grab and go. To drink from this one you just push down the little handle and enjoy. BPA and leak free as well. This bottle come in three designs.

Straw Top:
This bottle is pretty self explanatory, it comes with a straw. This one is my favorite to take to the gym because I can just press down the button and the straw pops right out the top. This one is great for young kids too. Also BPA and leak free. This bottle comes in three designs.

"It drinks smoothly & easy to use." -Precious (my niece)

Shout out to my niece for helping me with this post.

Oh and did I mention you get free shipping on every order!
You can buy D.Stil at www.drinkdstil.com HERE.

Thank you to my friends over at D.Stil for the bottles!

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a Sponsored post by D.Stil.)
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