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Ella + Leialoha + Ivy + Aria.

Hi guys!
I wanted to share with you my new favorite spot for organic toys. This place I found by the name of Elly Lu. Elly Lu is family owned business created by two beautiful sister in laws inspired by their even more beautiful daughters Ella, Lydia and Lucy.

Having fun with her new bff.

All the toys made by Elly Lu are eco-friendly, and created with products that are organic. You wont find anything like these amazing toys in any Walmart or Target. Every product created by Elly Lu is truly one of a kind. The toys made have been not only inspired by  Ella, Lydia and Lucy, but also the towns in which they've lived in. Which include Hawaii and even here in California. That's pretty darn neat if you ask me.
Kisses for Ella.
Showing off her mermaid.
Her baby Ella.

With each toy sold from Elly Lu they donate $1 to a charities. So when you buy from Elly Lu you are also giving back in a great way. To find out more about the charities Elly Lu gives to click HERE.

Come on Leialoha you can ride on my back.
El & Ari.
Our next door neighbor came over and tried to steal Ella lol.

From the time Ella and Leialoha the mermaids came in the mail they were inseparable from the arms of my daughters. My girls instantly have made new best friends with these cute little mermaids and I love it. We want to collect the rest of the Elly Lu family soon.

"Where's Leialoha?"
"There she is!"
"I found you!"
"get down from there silly."
Leialoha & Ella.
Pink hair, don't care.

They love their girls.
You can buy Elly Lu HERE.
Thank you Elly Lu for these precious organic dolls for my girls.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Elly Lu.) 

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