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Flying adventures.

Hi guys!
As a little girl I loved playing dress up. I loved to pretend to be a princess. I imagined myself in a big castle with a big beautiful sparkly dress. I ruled the village of teddy bears and barbie dolls. I wasn't just an ordinary princess though, oh no. I was princess Porsha the great! The rules of my village we're simple. Play in the mud all day and eat candy for dinner. It was a fabulous little life I imagined for myself. In fact it was a little adventure.
That was the life of 3 year old me. The life of an imaginative toddler. Some days I wish I could go back to being so tiny and care free. Those were the days right? Now that I'm a mom of two girls I am see them in me. I see their imagination run wild as they pretend to be princesses in their own village. These days they aren't ruling over teddy bears and barbie dolls. They are ruling over  LOL dolls and Ipads. A lot has changed since I was little. Not only do my girls pretend to be princess (read here) but they pretend to be animals as well. My girls favorite animals to pretend to be are butterflies and unicorns. So being able to get a chance to get collaborate with Little Adventures again, for a review on their new novelty wings which happened to be for butterflies and unicorns. I knew this was meant to be.

Over the weekend we ventured out around down town to do photographs again with our friend Ashley Denhalter and this time was even funner than the last time. Despite Ari being a total cry baby. We let the girls explore their surrounding and run wild. Playing together in the grass and flowers these two sisters were in a magical village all of their own. Their rules, their way. I loved watching them come alive and being free spirited. pretending they were flying around a princess castle. It really defined the meaning to "let them be little".

Like always Ashley was able to capture something spectacular, magical and vivid. The way she takes her time to make sure every image is beautiful and pure is incredible. Every smile and giggle in each of her photos of my daughters was so real and exhibited their true happiness. I love working with her thank you again Ash!

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A super huge thank you to Little Adventures Dress Up's for the novelty wings!

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(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Little Adventures Dress Up's.)

little adventure wings are machine washable and come in sizes S/M (1-5 yr) and L/XL (5-9 yr)

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