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Ari and her Fruigee.
Hi guys!
So great news, I had the pleasure of being able to try out some products for a food and beverage company that goes by the name of Fruigees. What are Fruigees you ask? Well Fruigees are
fruit snacks freshly squeezed into a tiny little squeesy pack. They are organic and are made from veggies and fruit juices. Fruigees are made for all people of all ages. They are great for when your on the go or just wanna quick healthy snack. Me as a mother I enjoy them because they have a sweet flavor to them which tricks toddlers into eating healthy without even knowing it. Fruigees come in three flavors Kalefornia grape, 24 Carrot orange and Nothing beets cherry.  If you have kids and are looking for a health snack then go buy you some Fruigees mama.

Fruigee time.
Ivy loved Cherry.
Hi Aria.
Girl talk & Fruigees.
Loves her Fruigee.
Kalefornia Grape.
Break time.
Nothing Beets Cherry.
My favorite people ever.

You can buy Fruigees Here.
Thank you to the Fruigees company for all the snacks!

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from My Fruigees.)

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