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Happy 2nd Birthday Aria.

Hi guys!
I cant believe that I'm typing this I'm a wreck.. a emotional, messy, hot mess of a wreck. My little baby is 2 years old today. I cant believe it has already been two years since she was born. Time just moves so fast. One day I was zipping her up in a onesie that she was to big for. The next day I am breaking the zipper trying to fit her in the damn oneise she was to big for! ugh! I'm so happy and proud of how amazing and smart she is. She is really growing into a beautiful butterfly with big girl wings. Can you believe I just ordered her a potty and pull ups from Target as a birthday gift? She has been asking to be potty trained! Oh my heart, cant take it. My sweet little baby isn't so little anymore, but shes still sweet that's for sure. Even though shes a trader because shes a total daddy's girl, who also shares wonderful long matching eyelashes like her daddy. It's okay though because she still looks like me. I guess with all this rambling and crying what I'm trying to say happy birthday my sweet Aria Skye. Mommy loves you so much, I wish you the best birthday ever. I love you, I love you, I love you.


  1. I love her and I love yall so much ❤ Happy Birthday Aria 🎈🎉🎈❤