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I'm am Wilde Woman.

Hi guys!
What makes you feel beautiful? Is it your long hair or sort hair? Do you feel more beautiful with your make up? or with a fresh face and no makeup at all? Do you feel beautiful when you get your nails done or maybe when you get your toes done? What makes you feel beautiful? The most beautiful I've ever felt was on my wedding day. Gosh I felt so pretty and elegant. I felt like a princess, I felt my most beautiful ever. But you know when I don't feel so beautiful? When I'm going bra shopping.

Yep, and I'm not afraid to admit that. I hate going shopping for bras. Oh...my...goodness. It is such a hassle. Hmm where do I start? for starters the store are always super crowded. You can never find anything you like. Each and every bra is always picked over or tried on. I hate picking up a bra to try on only to find that somebody smudged their makeup on it. Next it's the store employees that attempt to help you but in the process do nothing but hassle you. knocking on your fitting room door every five minutes asking "so how does that fit girlfriend?" and all I'm thinking is "um girlfriend go away." Then there's the size. Seriously I can never find my size. Either it's to big, to small or this brings me to my final complaint. TO OVER SEXUALIZED. Of course I want to feel sexy, I’m a woman that’s normal. But I want to feel good in my bra and comfortable, not over sexualized. I don't care about fancy designs, beading's all over it or nipples hanging out. I'm no cover girl. I'm a regular every day kinda girl and I want a regular every day kinda bra that makes me feel beautiful. Not to sexualized, hmm yet sexy. Is that to much to ask? Nope not anymore not with Harper Wilde. So being able to collaborate with Harper Wilde was such an honor.

Harper Wilde is a bra made for women to feel not only comfortable but beautiful as well.
Harper Wilde was designed to take out all the hassles I mentioned above to create a amazing bra shopping experience for all women.  They want us a woman to have a bra that we feel empowered to wear and dare to be beautiful, bold, and classy in. Harper Wilde is a bra that is not over sexualzied by models and over the top marketing. But yet makes you still feel sexy when you wear it. I really love the message they send to women out there. 

Harper Wilde has three different bras you can choose from a regular bra, push up and strapless. Each bra comes in over three different colors some including black, nude and neutral. Bra sizes include A, B, C and DD. With Harper Wilde you get to choose three different bras and have them sent to your home. You have seven days to try out and test your bras. After your seven days you can choose to keep the bras, return them or keep the ones you love and return the ones you love not so much. Oh and one for the best parts is your bras come with a pre paid return label! Making it super easy to send them back. Hassle free bra shopping right in the privacy of your bedroom. But I did not mention one of the greatest parts about Harper Wilde they donate a portion of their proceeds to Girl Project. Girl Project helps girls all around the world to get their education on. So yes you are bra shopping and saving the world girl. 

My experience with Harper Wilde was comfortable. I felt very free and very beautiful. My bra was even comfortable enough to sleep in! I’m not joking! If you are searching for a affordable, simple, classy, and timeless bra. Harper Wilde is the one.

P.S make sure when you're shopping to use the code PORSHA10 for your discount!

Thank you Harper Wilde for the bras.
You can check out Harper Wilde HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Harper Wilde.

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