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Mom touchdown w/ ODSC.

Hi guys!
Oh yeah! hands up! happy dance, go mom! go mom! go! go! I did it, I won, I won the championship game baby bow down. Who ya mama? I said who's ya mama?!

Bright eyed and very confused my daughters stare up at me like I've just lost my mind as I'm making their breakfast. But I didn't loose my mind. This is how I felt when I got my Opening Supply day package in the mail. A total mom win! obviously I was really extremely excited for this package as you can tell. Us moms get overly excited about toddler products you moms know how it goes. Any who I had heard so much about Opening Day Supply Co. I had to try it out and see what the talk was all about for myself.

Opening Day Supply Co. Is a shop that creates not only fun loving sports like gear (which my husband loves) for your babes but also products that are safe and durable too. Their mission? Simple to make sure that our little's Opening day is the best it can be! Opening Day Supply Co. sells everything you can think of. Clothing, bedding, bibs, bottles, pacifier, teething toys. They got it all!

My girls and I had the opportunity to be able to review the Opening Day placemats. First thought's when I opened the package? "Such cute colors". We got a lime green football placemat and a orange-ish base ball place mat. Both all in one suction placemats. Both very lightweight and fun looking. These suction mats are great with any type off foods. For ours the girls breakfast. I loved how the plate divided their food for them, making it easier to not make a mess. The plates stuck firmly to our kitchen table so I did not have to worry about them sliding it or moving it around. Once the girls finished eating their food the mats were super easy to clean off. All of the extra food came right off. In case we did have food worth saving that I needed to microwave for later, these mats are completely microwave safe and even freezer safe. I adored these plates for all the reasons above, my girls adored them for their cute designs. Then there's my hubby he enjoyed them because of course he's a sports freak. So looking for some cute plates for that super bowl action for your little's? or just for every day use? I recommend Opening Day Supply Co.

Thank you Opening Day Supply Co for our mats!
You can shop Opening Day Supply Co. HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Opening Day Supply Co.)

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