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My favorite toddler shops.

My daughters in Target Cat & Jack Jeans + Tops from Walmart (not on the list, we do shop there frequently though.)
Hi guys!
So I decided to write a post about my favorite toddler shops. So many times I get asked on a daily basis "where did you buy that?" "how much was that?" "was that on sale?" about Ivy and Aria's clothes. I never get tired of answering these questions. Absolutely no shade to any other blogging mamas out there but,
I love to buy affordable things for my girls. Sometimes I glance at other bloggers pages and the clothes their kids are wearing are so expensive! geez. While of course they are super cute they aren't always affordable for the every day average mom. I pride myself on being "the affordable blogger." Of course occasionally I may go all out and buy my girls something over the top expensive. But at the end of the day I am all about good quality and good deals. The every day places I shop for my girls are very affordable while still trendy and cute. So In this blog post I am going to talk about my six favorite shops for my girls. Sorry in advance to all the moms with boys I'm a girl mama so this probably wont be very informative but your still welcomed to read :)

1. Target
Ah Target the happiest place on earth right? This is the number one place I shop for my girls at. My favorite store. I love the prices here and the app Cartwheel for extra savings. One of my favorite things about Target is they have so many of their own brands with quality that last for years. I have bought clothes for Ivy nearly four years ago that Aria can wear now its great.
Shop target girls Here.

2. Children's Place 
This place deserves a reward. I'm pretty sure they have a sell every week! This store is great their clothes are always so cute and colorful. I'm a big fan of them because their clothes also tend to have positive empowering messages for young kids. When we shop here Ivy loves picking out her own clothes.
Shop Children's Place girlHere.

3. Khols
Khols is always on point when it comes to the hottest toddler trends. They have everything from mix and match tops and bottoms to clearance racks with things for as cheap as a few cent! Another great thing about this store is they tend to have a lot of character clothes. Such as Disney princesses and Minnie Mouse which Aria loves.
Shop Khols girls Here.

4. H&M Kids 
I don't get to shop here often because the store is sort of far from where we live. But when we shop here oh boy do we shop here! I like the fact that their clothes have styles you cant really find in other stores. I am a sucker for animal print and this store has a lot of that. They also always have really cute mannequin dressed up with ideas of how you can dress your own little's.
Shop H&M girls Here.
DISCLAIMER: This post was written before the whole H&M controversy. I full understand why many people were offended by that photo and they have every reason & right to be.

5. Cotton On Kids
Not only do they have an adult store for us mamas out there but yes they have a kids store too. The reason I like Cotton On is because their patterns are super unique. I like going in there and going through their racks of stylish clothes. My favorite part of this store would be their leggings. They are so soft and comfy. People always stop and ask where we got this or that when my girls have cotton on.
Shop Cotton On girls Here.

6. JC Penny
Not going to lie I totally slept on this store forever. Its super underrated, probably the most underrated on my list. JCP forever has great clothes for your little's. I could never choose. Their clothes have fun little saying on them and there's always a theme to them. I recently went their last week and got a great sale on some coats for my girls. They are currently living in them, they wont take them off, they love them.
Shop JC Penny girls Here.

So that's it guys my favorite stores. If you see ever see my girls out, then there's a 99% chance their wearing one of these brands. Whats your favorite place to shop for your little's?

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