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Reagan Sanai.

Hi guys!
I am a mommy of two perfect souls Ivy is 3 and Aria is 2. I have been lucky enough to have very healthy girls. Besides a scrapped up knee or one of the typical imaginary (I need you to kiss my boo-boo that doesn't hurt because I'm a drama queen) boo-boos. My girls have been blessed enough to not have any health problems. While this has been the case unfortunately the both have one little problem and that's eczema. Aria has lucked out enough to not have it very bad at all. Ivy on the other hand, poor kid cant catch a break. You know what else Ivy cant catch a break from? The massive amount of hair on her head. I mean girl, when I say this girl got hair. THIS GIRL GOT HAIR! Okay tons of it. Its beautiful, big, bouncy and curly. It's so very curly. I'll admit I always don't know exactly what to do with it, how to style it, comb it out etc. I am also really picky about the types of product I put in her hair until I found out all about little miss Reagan Sanai.

Reagan Sanai is a tiny 4 year old beauty with huge big girl dreams! Reagan's mommy was all about natural hair love because Reagan also has beautiful, big, bouncy curly hair. She wanted something for her daughter that was natural, inexpensive and most importantly didn't leave Reagan with irritated skin. You see Reagan also has eczema just like Ivy and Aria. So trying to find a product that had everything I just mention above plus good for children with eczema was nearly impossible. That is why Regan’s mommy created a hair care brand name right after her baby girl Reagan Sanai. Regans mommy wanted to make sure not only could her daughter enjoy these products but for all the natural kids around the world with eczema too. Her goal is to educate and help teach other parents of naturals like me how to achieve a healthy regime for our children's hair. Or maybe how to already improve the one you have.

Reagan Sanai hair care is specifically formulated to work with all types of hair. Curly, straight, course everything. Created with all natural ingredients Reagan Sanai hair care products can be used for adults as well as children. Reagan Sanai makes 8 different types of hair care products and 2 different types of hair care product kits which include:

Moisturizing aloe hair mist.
Moisturizing leave in detangler conditioner. 
Moisturizing black soap shampoo.
Nourishing growth oil.
 Rosemary hibiscus Spray Gel.
Avocado & banana deep conditioner.
Mango butter souffle whipped hair/body butter.
Shea butter whipped hair/body butter.
& the
Combat dryness + I want it all whole collection kits.
Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials
In the mail we received the "I want it all whole collection" kit. This kit it literally is self explanatory. It has it all. We got one of everything listed above and we were so happy. I get a lot of things to review but I have never received anything like the Regan Sanai brand. A hair care product made with kids for eczema is unreal. No.. actually, more like a dream come true!

 Upon testing out the products they were well very well packaged. They in dark blue bottles with a adorable pink and white packaging. Oh and I cant forget the cute little face of Reagan herself front and center.  Each and every product smelled very good. I'm totally not going to lie the hair and body butter smelled good enough to eat. Out of all the products we tried the growth oil was our favorite. I invited my mother in law Tasha over to style Ivy’s hair as I recorded her using all the products on Ivy's hair to create a beautiful hair style fit for a princess. She video below of what/how we used each product.

Oh hey guys guess what? I am giving you a chance to win some over on my Instagram page! Yep that's right you can have your own Avocado & banana deep conditioner, Moisturizing black soap shampoo, Moisturizing leave in detangler conditioner & Mango butter souffle whipped hair/body butter here's how!

Hi guys! It’s giveaway time! @Regansanai & @missporsha have teamed up to give one lucky winner Avocado & banana deep conditioner, Moisturizing black soap shampoo, Moisturizing leave in detangler conditioner & Mango butter souffle whipped hair/body butter
To qualify all you have to do is follow the steps below:
1. Follow the Instagrams of @Regansanai & @missporsha
2. Tag 2 friends below.
3. Reshare this photo using #RSgiveaway

& that's it :) 
Winner will be announced Tuesday! Good luck!

(yes we even used and styled Aria's hair with all the same product.)

Guys this is by far one of the greatest hair care lines out right now! I give it a million and one gold sparkly stars and I would recommend it to every natural out there! When you hear the name Reagan Sanai, you heard it here first! go ahead and get your shop on tell em' Ivy's mom sent you.

Thank you Regan Sanai for our I want it all collection.
You can check out all thing Reagan Sanai HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Reagan Sanai.)

I Want It All Whole Collection Kit

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