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Rocks for Ryan.

Hi guys!
Once in a life time you have the opportunity to have a special something or someone come into your life to teach you about a whole new world you knew nothing about. For one beautiful mama it was her amazing son and his name is Ryan.

I'm not really sure how it happened but one day scrolling through hashtags on my Instagram I discovered the hashtag #rocksforryan. Looking at photos under this hashtag was incredible, different types of rocks painted. Yes actual rocks you would find on the ground outside hand painted beautifully. There we're so many different designs and quotes. I was wondering what this was about. I spoke to one of my friends Jen who also paints rocks and she told me that they were called "kindness rocks". I started googling and doing some research about these kindness rocks. Upon my research I found that these rocks were being painted all over different cities and states to cheer other up when there down. People paint these rocks and leave them in places for others to find like stores, parking lots or one of the more popular places parks. After learning all this research I then went back to the hashtag #rocksforryan and began to follow the page. It was so excited every time the Rocks for Ryan page posted about hiding rocks me and my girls would go searching for them. Ivy and Aria had so much fun. It was just like hunting Easter eggs (which is their favorite). Except hunting rocks with a cause. While hunting for rocks for Ryan all these time I never realized that it was for a much bigger cause. It was to raise awareness for Ryan.

You see Ryan was born January 25, 2002 a amazing beautiful and loving child. Ryan loved bugs and spiders. He also enjoyed sports like t ball and soccer, and in his spare time Ryan liked playing with his Wii. Ryan was a very active kid as you can tell. But a few years down the road May 8, 2008 Ryan was diagnosed with LQT syndrome. LQT syndrome is a heart rhythm disorder that can cause chaotic heartbeats. Along which seizures, fainting and sudden death. Ryan unfortunately found himself having to live life a little differently now being disabled. But did that stop him from living his life? no way Ryan continued to live his best life having fun doing things like exploring the zoo, fishing movies, school and even riding his bike. He was quit a fighter and didn't let LQT stop him. He brought happiness to every person around him. On May 30, 2017 at the young age of only 15 years old unexpectedly Ryan passed away. Although Ryan is now gone his sprit still lives here with us.

On May 8th 2008 our whole world changed. Ryan had lived 6 years a healthy and happy kid playing a T-ball game at just 9am. By 1pm he was swimming and was stricken by cardiac arrest because of complications of oxygen loss he was disabled from here on. This was the first time I had ever even heard of long qt, even though I had "passed out"in a pool at 9 years of age. Yes, it took his being diagnosed a full 21 years later to find out I as well had long qt.  Long Qt can have little to no symptoms and unfortunately one of the worst effects can be cardiac arrest which is almost always fatal. This was the case in both of our experiences, water specifically is our trigger. Our hope is that others will learn about Long qt syndrome and other SADS conditions (Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes) through the SADS foundation at

-Mari (Ryan’s mother)

For every rock Ryan's mother paints she keeps Ryan's sprit alive and she continues to raise awareness for LQT syndrome by doing so. An even though Ryan is no longer here with us he is still bringing a ton of happiness to people all over including my girls. Being able to go out to different play grounds and search for thses rocks with hand painted pictures/quotes on them is so much fun. It brings great joy to me and my girls. It warms my heart to be able to spend time with them and watch their faces light up when they find one of those rocks.

I would like to take a moment to thank Ryan's mother Mari. Thank you Mari for allowing me to be able to write such a touching post about your son Ryan. My sister lost her son 8 years ago I've watched her through the years and it doesn't get easier. But you do get stronger. You are doing such a amazing thing to bring awareness to LQT. Before I started following #rocksforryan I knew nothing about the disorder. I just really want to commend you for being such a wonderful soul and great mother. I'm sure Ryan is very proud of you.

Happy sweet 16 birthday Ryan!

Foe more information on LQT see website below. 

The Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation works to save the lives and support the families of young people with hereditary heart rhythm disorders.


  1. Omg I have a couple. One I found at Levi stadium for fan fest and a cupcake one at the park by my moms!!!

  2. Porsha, Your post about Ryan btings tears to my eyes, for I was so blessed to have held him as a baby and all the times we spent together before his diagnosis. Seeing pictures of your girls reminded me of all the times my girls and Ryan played together. Thank you for your beautiful words about my dear friend Mari, whom I love so much.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Mari is super sweet it means a lot she allowed me to write about Ryan. I wish I would of got a chance to meet him I’m sure he was the sweetest soul.

  3. amazing post porsha you got me all in my feelings