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Sock Panda.

Hi guys
I got a secret guys, it's really silly but not many people know.. 
are you ready?
can you handle this?

I hate going bare foot! ha! I hate not wearing any socks, it just makes me uncomfortable. I gotta hvae my socks. I like to dress my feet cute so one day I came across a place by the name of Sock Panda. Sock Panda is a shop that makes cute, colorful and creative socks to dress your feet. Not only that but they are super fashionable and super fun. They come in different quirky designs that everyone will love. Seriously when I rock my socks to work my co workers are like "where'd you get those?" I am literally wearing them as I type.

Sock Panda comes in a prescription box with different wild prints that you receive monthly. When you shop you have the chose of either one or two pairs a month. One of the best parts is you get to choose your style and how often you want to pay for your subscription! Sock Panda has socks for the entire family. Mom, dad, little's ages 3-8 and teens ages 9-11. My girls loved the Sock Panda, panda pals subscription. In the package they received a pair of socks for the both of them, games, stickers, crafts and when they opened it up confetti blasted out all over the place. It was so exciting. My personal favorite thing about Sock Panda is that for every subscription they get they donate socks to the less fortunate.  I love it a company who really cares about not only their customers but the less fortunate as well. If you want a place that offers unique socks with hearts of gold then you've found.

Thank you Sock Panda for our socks!

You can shop Sock Panda HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Sock Panda.)

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