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Swaddle, carrier, & bibs oh my.

Hi guys!
I have had the pleasure of doing so many reviews for some awesome shops. I have been able to review nearly everything from books to toys to music and food. I feel so honored these companies trust me with their products for review. But every blue moon I get lucky enough to not only connect with the shop and their products but the people behind the shop too. This post is all about Daisy Gro, so before I get started on this review I would just like to take a quick moment to say Thank you to Joanne for being my first contact with the Daisy Gro family and always helping me out with product questions you're amazing. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen i'd like to introduce you to Daisy Gro.

Daisy Gro is a company ran by a family who cares for your little ones. They are a family owned business that makes swaddles, carriers, and bandannas bibs. I was lucky enough to be able to receive all three products to receive for you guys as well as make new friends with Daisy Gro in the process. Lets start off by talking about Daisy Gro's best selling Amazon item the Extra Soft Cuddle Time Carrier

Extra Soft Cuddle Time Carrier:
This carrier is so beautiful, when I received it in the mail and took it out the box my initial thoughts were "wow this is a beautiful colored gray, its so soft, it feels warm and comforting, its.. wait.. I.. don't have a newborn baby for this." I was very sad after that I sat there for a second and stared down at the swaddle and then I thought "I could host a giveaway with this..maybe?" So I emailed Joanne and tossed around a few ideas but in the end I decided to keep it. We really do want one more little one at some point and time down the road so I will cherish this and keep it for him/her. For now I was able to test it out with Aria since this carrier is not only made for newborns but toddlers up to 35lbs. Aria is 25lbs. I unwrapped it and try it on, walk around with it and got a feel for it. It is one precious carrier. Aria thought it was fun. I have no doubt that when we have our next little one they will be nothing but secure, comfortable and safe in this carrier. This carrier is also made stretchy for mothers who breastfeed as well. It is made with cotton and spandex blend.

Super Soft Baby Swaddles:
These swaddles are very eye catching at first glance. Each one has a different design on it that are unisex and unique. I initially had the same thoughts at first about the swaddles as I did about the carrier but then I realized that these blankets were much more than just swaddles. Not only can they be used to swaddled the baby but they can also be used as a picnic blanket, nursing cover, changing table blanket and even a burp cloth. They can even be used in the car during the summer time when the a.c is blowing cool air but its to hot for a big blanket. These super soft swaddles do it all. My girls loved them lounging around outside with them and their baby dolls. They are made of cotton.

Bandanna Bibs:
I received these bibs in a separate package from my swaddles and carrier. They were wrapped in plastic and very light weight. The bibs had modern day designs across them and were very easy to attach to my little one. The fit is perfect for toddlers who are eating, teething or just want to look fashionable. They are adjustable and can be used for newborns and toddlers up to 36 months of age. They are safe for the washing machine and made with cotton. Aria really felt like a superstar rocking hers.

Well there you have beautifully made items perfect for newborn to toddler. Made by a beautifully made family. Thank you Daisy Gro so much for all these lovely products and allowing us to be apart of you. You guys are always friends of ours.

You can shop all things Daisy Gro HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Daisy Gro .) 

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