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The bonding Carrs.

Hi guys!
10 years and 5 months, that's exactly how long me and my husband have been together. Although we've only been married for the last 6 months (only? wow that was fast) we are loving the married life. It's not to much different from the life of being a boyfriend or girlfriend or fiance for all those years but it is different in many different ways. I don't speak about my husband or our marriage very much because we like to keep things private and intimate. One of the reasons I believe we have lasted all these years is because we keep our relationship private and initiate between the two of us. Marriage is great, like anything else good in life it takes a lot of hard work. You know the saying "work hard, play hard" and we do. Unfortunately between the both of us working full time and taking care of a two and three year we don't have much alone these days. So every Monday we're lucky enough to have a designated date night. Each Monday is something new and different. Rather we go see a movie or go grab a pizza were having fun trying new things. So for this date night we got a chance to try out this date box from the Bonding Bees. Let me tell you..

It was so much fun! The bonding Bees is a monthly subscription box created for couples by the amazing founder and creator named Kayla. A while back I had the opportunity to get to know Kayla a little bit when we worked together on a giveaway. She is one of the most gunine people I've had the chance to work with since I've been blogging. Kayla's mission was simple gather, give & grow. Couples could gather together for a box filled with new fun activities. Which couples could receive monthly in the mail giving their time to each other with a date all planned out for them inside. So they could just take the time to enjoy and grow closer together with one another without having to do all that stressful planning for a date night. Gather, give and grow.

Our date night box was so cool, we had never received anything like this before. My husband likes to go out, but I like to stay in so I was really excited he was willing to comprise with me for this and make me happy. We received the January box. Inside our box was a booklet explaining to us what a date box was and how to use it. It also gave us directions to the the activities in the box. Inside our box we had 

  • A adorable mini new years calendar.
  • A game called Bounce Of Love.
  • A time capsule.
  • A mixer to make cocktails/mocktales
  • Cocktails/Mocktales mixes with tiny umbrellas.

  • We loved everything in the box it was super cute and creative. You can tell that there was a lot of thought and work put into creating it. So we made our cocktales with our little umbrellas. We started off by playing the Bounce Of Love game which was so much fun we laughed a lot. After that we decided to go ahead and write our letters for our time capsule. This was my favorite part of the date might I add. So in the directions it stated that Dayjhan was to write me a love letter and I was to do the same for him. Without reading them to one another we would put them in our time capsule and put it away for a few months, years, special anniversary or whatever. I loved this idea so much. I'm not gonna go into details what I wrote of course. But I will say I'm excited for my husband to read it whenever we decided to open it maybe for our first wedding anniversary in August. The bonding Bees box was one of the best dates we have ever had together. I cherish the alone time I get with my husband. I would suggested every couple married or not to try this date night in a box. 

    Thank you Bonding Bees for our date box.
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    (I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
    (This is a sponsored post by Bonding Bees .) 

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