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Thin Energy.

Hi guys!
I'm currently writing this far away in on a island, where it's sunny and beautiful maybe like 75 degrees. The weather is perfect. Lounging in my huge private beach home on the balcony with my feet kicked up. I can see the water from here. It's green and blue and sparkly. Oh gosh the water is so sparkly. The palm trees are blowing in the breezy and the air, oh man the air smells like sweet pineapples and tropical flowers. No cell phones or anything so my husband cant check any freaking college football scores every two seconds. A little ways from the water I can see my husband and our girls building sandcastles very well behaved and quietly. Best part is the girls aren't fighting, instead they're sharing their sand toys! yes sharing, I know right. They are being so well behaved they aren't even getting sand in their hair. Wow I feel so lucky to be here, how perfect is this. I look to the right of me and grab my bottle of Hibiscus passion fruit Thin Energy. Hmm it's so tasty feels like a dream...

Ivy yells. Okay well it was a day dream and it was nice while it lasted right? But when I drink my Thin Energy that's how I feel, like I am on a perfect tropical island. But no here I am back to my reality my kids are fighting in the isle of Target over some random toy I'll probably cave in and buy and they'll take it home and never play with it again (this is exactly what happened if you're wondering) . But you know what.. yolo! that's mom life. It's the best life ever. Draining at times but you know what I wouldn't change it for the world. While mom life can get draining I stay up on my game with my Thin Energy. Oh yeah I know by now Iv'e already mentioned it a few times and you're probably wondering what it is, well I'm going to let you in on it and let you know all about it right now.

Thin Energy is one of the newest energy drinks on the market right now. While this little bottle is small it is creating a big buzz among the fitness communities. Thin Energy is a mutil-shot bottle that allows your body to increase it's metabolism when you drink it. So not only are you drinking healthier but your burning extra calories too! Thin Energy was created to give us that extra little push we need to keep going through out our day. Rather you're a teacher, student, fitness lover or every day mom just like me I promise this is a good drink for you.

Thin Erengy is great because unlike some other those other energy drinks we see in the gas station every day this one is much healthier alternative. Thin Energy comes in three different flavors Hibiscus passion fruit, lemongrass spearmint, and tropical citrus. Each bottle is sugar free, calorie free and crash free wahoo! Oh and want to know something that is out of this freaking world??! Get this. With one bottle you get a 5 day supply! I got three bottle one in each flavor that is going to last me three weeks! that is so cool right? I bet your energy drink or coffee doesn't do that. Thin Energy is created with only natural ingredients to help you loose weight. Did I also mention that it is very inexpensive and you can buy it in single bottles, three or six packs.

My experience with Thin energy was pretty damn awesome, not only did I have enough energy to get up outta bed (without going to the gym) and getting my day started. I had enough energy to even chase my kids around Target for hours. I really enjoyed Thin Energy and the way it made me feel and what it did for me. Days later I am still feeling it!

After reading this I know you'll want to try some. Take your day dream tropical vacation or go to Target ha.. so grab you a bottle of thin energy today! Remember when this energy drink blows up you heard it here from Porsha first ;)

Thank you Thin Energy for my bottles! special shout out to Jay & Michael too :)
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(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Thin Energy .)

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