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12 surprising brands at Dollar Tree.

Hi guys!
I love a good bargain, I think we all do. But before I get started this is not a sponsored post. So recently I ran into the Dollar Tree store to grab a bottle of juice while I was running some errands. Upon walking into the store and having a look around I noticed something I had never noticed before. The Dollar Tree store has a ton of name brands. They have some extremely good ones too. While we're always paying a ton of money at big retailers for these items the Dollar Tree store has them for a dollar. So below here are 12 name brands you probably never knew was at The Dollar Tree Store.

Irish Spring Soap
This soap smells so yummy, it's one of my favorite soaps!

Dial Soap
This is one popular soap in most stores, it to has a amazing smell.

Always Pads
For all the ladies out there, I had no idea they had this brand there.

Secret Deodorant
One of my faves I love Secret, It's fresh scent is great. In many stores this retails for $2.00-$3.00!

Angel Soft
My family's favorite tissue, guys it really is angel soft.

Cap'n Crunch
These are my husband favorite cereal, but at $3.49 a box in other stores we're to cheap to always buy them. Now we can!

Top Ramen
Who doesn't love these noddles. Quick and easy to make.

Reynolds Wrappers
The mom in me was so freaking excited about these. These things go for $10-11 in most stores.

Glad Bags
Glad is a great brand, and in most retail stores they can get pretty pricey.

Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker not only make yummy foods but they make nice utensils too.

Americas favorite soda, I don't drink soda but I know I have a lot of Pespi loving readers. They also sell regular too not just diet.

One of the greatest tooth paste brands on the market, now you can get it at the Dollar Tree.

There ya have it guys, maybe you already knew these were there and maybe ya didn't but I am most def going there for some stuff on my list from now on. Maybe you guys will too! :)


  1. The Dollar Tree has some pretty low quality stuff, but if you're a seasoned shopper and know what to look for, it can be a great treasure hunt! Thanks for the great tips. I'll be looking out for these good deals the next time I go.

  2. Angel Soft is our favorite too and we're out, so I know where I'll be headed. 💩😉

  3. I love the dollar tree people be sleeping on them they carry some great brands

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