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Bella B detangler.

Hi guys!
You remember that one time Ivy's hair got a brush stuck in it oh, oh or that one time Aria's hair was so tangled I couldn't run my fingers through it? oooh or do you guys remember that one time when both my girls hair had a thousand and one knots in it.. oh wait nope, cant remember? me neither.. why? probably because it never happened! Now thanks to my good friends over at Bella B it more than likely never will. 

I do not like knots in my girl's hair. They get in there and they never wanna come out. It's such a hard task keeping their hair untangled especially because they have curls gone wild. I'm always up to try new detangler's to see what works best. Today's post is all about the Bella B Mangle Detangle Natural Hair Detangler. Guys this stuff is pretty neat. This detangler is all natural and made with organic ingredients for baby hair. It is also created tear free because we know how wild littles are when you are doing their hair. Mangle Detangle will leave your hair looking its best and knot free. Free the hair people! free the hair.

This detangler is super easy to use. What I do is spray it evenly throughout my girls hair and then I gently untangle with my fingers and repeat! You can choose to use it however is best for you though. It only took me a minute or two to untangle my girls hair and we were done. The best part is this is not only created for babies but adults can use it as well. Oh goodness don’t even get me started on the smell, its extremely heavenly. I highly recommend you get you some of this because if you don't you're totally missing out. 

Thank you Bella B for our Mangle Detangle Natural Hair Detangler

You can buy Mangle Detangle Natural Hair Detangler HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)

(This is a sponsored post from Bella B.)

Mangle Detangle Natural Hair Detangler


  1. Ive really gotta try this with my girl!! I dont know what to do with her hair!!!!