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Camp Castles.

Hi guys!
Oh what a wonderful life being the mama of two toddler girls. My girls are 2 and 3 years old. They are so much fun at this age there's honestly never a dull moment. We build forts out of our bed room blankets. We watch all the Barbie DVD’s and play with the matching dolls. We have adventures! oh so many fun adventures. I'm talking adventures in our pretend castles and our imaginary farms..but you know what? Our adventures just got a little bit more real. Because now we have Camp Castle play mats!

Camp Castle is this freaking adorable little shop that creates durable play mats for the every day adventurous toddler. Camp Castle was created by a mama of two boys named Hayley. Hayley wanted to create a play mat that kids could enjoy, and parents could easily clean. Keeping in mind that they also needed to be cute and kid friendly the Camp Castle play mat was then born.

Camp Castle makes 3 different types of play mats. The mini which is the smallest, medium mat and the biggie, which is the largest. They come in different designs, for different little imaginations. We received two minis for review. The mini farm and mini rainbow land play mats. 

They fit perfectly on the kitchen table for the girls to play with. Ivy got the rainbow land mat and Aria got the farm one. They played with their Shopkins and pretended like they were going on one of their imaginary adventures. It was so cool to watch them play on the mats. The girls had a blast! Not only are Camp Castle mats made for playing with but also for eating as well. Yep your little's can play on the mat until dinner is ready. Wipe it down and then bam! it’s ready eat on it. Total mom win! These mats are pretty much everything and I would recommend them anytime.

Thank you Camp Castle for our mats!
You can check out Camp Castle play mats HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Camp Castle.)

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