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Case Charming.

H guys!
The iPhone one of the most precious items we have (sorry Android user). I treat my iPhone like it's my 3rd baby. I love it, it goes everywhere I go. I even have a apple watch which I don't wear as much but I still cherish it.  Anyways stay on track here guys were talking about my iPhone. So like I was saying my phone is everything so of course I have to dress it up cute which means cute colored chargers, screen protectors and fancy cases! I love shopping for phone cases. It's so much fun looking for cute unique designs and colors. But while it is fun it's not always the easiest. So I'm glad I found Case Charming.

Case Charming is a hot spot one stop shop that makes cell phone case for fashionable case lovers like myself. Based in sunny Florida Case Charming prints and designs their own unique cases. Created by a team of also fashionable fashionista you wont find Case Charming cases in any store. Each and every case created by Case Charming is different and one of  kind. You can find a case for any mood and every style you love. Case Charming designs personalized cases as well. They offer so many cases you'll have a hard time just picking one. Which is great because U.S orders $39 + ship free! $59 + outside of U.S. Plus when you receive your case charming case in the mail you receive it inside a beautiful gift box you can keep or recycle. Case Charming makes cases for most Apple and android phones see I like you Android lovers too.

I received my costume name with hearts case in the mail recently, I was so shocked. On the case it had the names of my husband and our daughters surrounded by hearts. It was absolutely adorable. It's made of rubber so it's super durable and flexible. It's lightweight and transparent which I really dig. It's nice slim fit wrapped perfect around my iphone 8 +. Although slim I felt my phone was still very much protected and cute. The matte finish did it for me. It was very shiny and glossy.

I love my case so much all my colleges and friends were asking me where I got it even strangers. It's a  huge hit. I know exactly where I will be shopping next time I need a new phone case. I think I have my eyes on the personalized name or marble case next.

Thank you Case Charming for my iPhone case!
You can check out all thing Case Charming HERE.
You can buy my Case Charming case HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Case Charming.)

Custom Name Phone Case for iPhone and Select Samsung Galaxy Phones

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