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Cat & Dogma.

Hi guys!
I have always wondered if their was a brand out there that sold organic baby friendly clothes for Aria. I always pondered at the possibilty of adorable prints and wild colors. Shopping at even some of my most favorite retailers I could never find anything like this. Until I discovered Cat & Dogma.

Cat & Dogma is a brand that sells nothing but 100% organic clothing for babies. Every item they sell is meat to be not only very comfortable for our precious babies but also very affordable and stylish. Cat & Dogma believes all babies deserve to feel good while looking good too. Cat & Dogma doesn't use harsh things like chemical bleaches or dyes. Yet their products are safe enough to be washed in your washing machine. Their designs and prints come in a array of different styles. They have everything from hats, and short sleeved rompers to long play suits with fun filled colors like yellow, orange, egg plant and turquoise to name a few. Their sizes start from 0-3 months and go all the way to 18-24 months. Designed with snap bottoms for babies who wear disposble or cloth diapers. They are extremly soft and built to last for generations to come. Plus they even have a few options for us mamas too!

We received our Cat & Dogma yellow and black puppy playsuit in the mail for review. It looked even better than the photos online. The color was very beautiful and bright, theyellow was giving me life. The little pug puppies all over added a extra cuteness factor to them. Aria noticed them right away and wouldn't stop pointing to them. She loved them! She was very comfy in her play suit. From climbing up the stairs in our house or outside running around she was feeling comfy. I couldnt enough of the little pocket in the front too. Aria is currently potty training so the snap buttons made it very easy to continuously take them on and off everytime she had to potty. I loved the playsuit and hope every mama buys one for her baby.

Thank you Cat & Dogma for the playsuit!
You can check out all thing Cat & Dogma HERE.
You can buy Aria's playsuit HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a paid post from Cat & Dogma.)

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