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Dapple mama.

Hi guys!
How many of you mamas out there do loads and loads of laundry every week like me? Do you let the laundry sit there and pile up so much you don't even know whats clean anymore? How many of you mamas have toddlers that constantly make a mess that you have to clean it up with wipes? Do your toddlers get sticky stuff everywhere? the high chair, the walls, the counter tops? Well.. I wish I had the solution to all these problems but unfortunately I don't. But...fortunately I do have something that will make out lives a little easier to deal with these type of things. One word 'DAPPLE'.

Dapple is a super brand, for super mamas like us. No seriously Dapple was created by two mothers Tamar and Dana who wanted baby- friendly products in their homes for their children. Thank goodness for Dapple! I am always looking for products I can keep in my house that are safe to have around my little's and I finally found that with the Dapple brand. Dapple creates products for laundry, hard surfaces and dishes. They even have products for on the go as well. If Dapple looks familiar to all you mamas reading this its because Dapple is sold in retailers like Target and Walmart. Yes that's right two of mom's all time favorite stores ever (especially Target). Dapple has very affordable prices as well because they know moms love to save money. I was very lucky enough to be able to review the laundry detergent and the all purpose wipes for you guys today!

50oz Fragrance Free Baby Laundry Detergent 32 Load

Dapple Pure & Clean baby detergent. For me my situation is a little bit different. I have two girls that both have eczema. My oldest has it worst than my youngest so I always try to find the best things to use that'll work well with her skin especially. This brand laundry detergent is literally heaven sent because it has mild ingredients in it and is absolutely perfect for little's who suffer from eczema like mine. It's also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. What a win/win! I don't have a newborn just yet, but Dapple also works well for new born's, spit ups and cloth diapers. The detergent smelled very pure and clean and left my girls clothes soft and fluffy. I would recommend this to any mom with children with eczema or new born's.

Tub Tile Cleaner

Dapples All Purpose Fragrance Free Wipes. These wipes are created with plant based ingredients. They are one of the best inventions ever. I think my new BFF is a pack of wipes. Guys I am not even kidding you. I use these things can be for everything. In one day I cleaned the surface of our counter tops where the kids got tooth paste everywhere from brushing their teeth. I wiped down Aria's entire highchair top to bottom. I wiped down our double stroller and I even wiped the kids hands off with them. Aria decided to get cleaning to and wiped down her potty! I am going to pack these things in the diaper bag and never look back. 

So guys there you have it I may not be able to come to your house and personally fold all your piles of endless laundry. I might not be able to stop your toddlers from touching everything with their sticky hands but I hope I at least gave you some great alternatives to help you with those sticky situations. Literally! I really enjoined this review. Hope you did too.

Thank you Dapple for all our goodies!
You can shop Dapple HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Dapple

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