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Freshly Picked.

Hi guys!
Do you remember the moment you found out you were pregnant with your baby? Do you remember how you felt? gosh I remember it like it was yesterday. My first born was planned, but I was shocked because we had been trying for a while with no luck. I remember taking that test and watching the two tiny lines come into view, my heart stopped "I am going to be a mommy" I thought to myself shaking with excitement feeling butterflies. Life would never be the same. Fast forward to a few years later and I'm seeing those same two tiny lines. Here comes that beautiful shaky butterfly feeling again. Surprise! we're pregnant with our second baby girl. She was not planned but defiantly wanted, and defiantly the perfect fit for our little family. I cherish every memory I have with my daughters Ivy age 3 and Aria age 2. Life wouldn't be life without my girls. I always wanted a daughter, lucky me now I have two. One of the best parts about having daughters are the clothes. After finding out I was pregnant with Ivy I went on a shopping spree for a bunch of clothes, headbands, dress, tutus. It seemed like I had everything but shoes. Every little girl needs a great pair of shoes right? Every little girl deserves a pair of Freshly Picked moccs.

I remember when I first discovered the Freshly Picked brand on their Instagram page (follow them here) they were still sort of a new shop. From the very time I saw a pair of Freshly Picked moccs I was completely memorized. Freshly Picked is a brand of moccasins for little's that was created by Susan Petersen. There was a lot of mocc shops out on the market but none of them were like Freshly Picked. Freshly Picked was different, their hustle was different. After reading all about Susan's story and how she started her shop I immediately understood how much of a hard working mama she was. I really connected with her and her story. I had no kids at the time but I followed them anyways and I told myself "I will have some of these when I have kids one day".

Being a new mom and having already spent so much money on clothes I saved every single penny I had for a pair of Freshly Picked moccs for Ivy. Black Friday 2013 I bought my first pair of moccs. Beautiful gold sparkly moccs for my baby girl. It was her very first pair of shoes ever. I ordered them a few sizes bigger because I wanted her to be able to walk before she wore them and show them off to the world. I knew they would be the perfect first pair of shoes for her when she started walking, because Freshly Picked is a brand you can trust and rely on. After that I bought her a blush pink pair they were so girly. Both pair were the most beautiful shoes ever. As Ivy got older she grew out of her moccs. I was so sad, until Susan announced she was now making hard sole moccs for the bigger kids! Ivy was so happy she could rock her Freshly Picked moccs again but in big girl style.

Finding out I was pregnant a second time I knew of course Aria would wear Ivy's gold moccs when she could fit them. But I wanted Aria to have a brand new pair of her own. Bam! here comes Susan doing it again creating something amazing. Along with my favorite blogger of all time Naomi from The Rockstar Diaries (check her blog out here). That this time they created Freshly Picked Bringing Home Baby Bundle. The Bundle was a bag for pregnant mothers that came with a brand new diaper bag, socks and a robe for mom and a swaddle, hat and of course a pair of crib moccs for your new baby. I purchased the yellow and gray bag, it was beautiful. The day my daughter was born I wore my robe and socks and held her in the swaddle all night long. The next day when it was time to go home I put her in a custom onesie I bought for her, her Freshly Picked crib moccs and hat. She wore it home, I remember getting home and washing everything, folding it and putting it away with a smile. So happy that my baby girl was here and I was able to bring her home healthy, happy and well dressed thanks to Freshly Picked.

 You have no idea how truly honored I was to be able to collaborate with Freshly Picked. This was literally the biggest blog collaboration I’ve ever had. Freshly Picked has been my favorite shop for little's before I even had little's of my own. I really wanted to say thank you to Susan and Rachel for this huge opportunity.

From newborn to now almost four years old and new born to now two years old Freshly Picked has been apart of my daughters lives. Freshly Picked has been there for every step. There's some feeling in life you'll always remember. No matter how many years go by you can still feel that same feeling. Some memories that are so vivid, it feels like we are still living in the moment. These moments with Freshly Picked and my daughters I will never forget. This is life, this is
Freshly Picked.

Now you can create your own Freshly Picked moments with your little's because I've teamed up with Freshly Picked to give you your own pair of moccs on my Instagram page!

Hi guys! It’s giveaway time! @Freshlypicked & @missporsha have teamed up to give one lucky winner their very own pair of moccs! Any pair you'd like!
To qualify all you have to do is follow the steps below:
1. Follow the Instagrams of @Freshlypicked & @missporsha
2. Tag 3 friends below.
3. Tell us why we should choose you to win a pair of moccs

& that's it :) 
Winner will be announced Saturday! Good luck!

(Below are some throwback photos of my girls over the years wearing their FP moccs; sorry in advance for the bad quality, but I had to share them. Loved FP from day. 2)

You can check out Freshly Picked HERE.
You can shop Aria's Freshly Picked LUV moccs HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Freshly Picked.)



  1. Great review! We also love the story of how Susan the power mama started Freshly Picked!I'm pregnant with our first baby - a girl! I'd choose either the Ebony or Birch Mary Janes.

    1. aw, thanks a bunch. I really loved Freshly Picked they have been there for me since before I had kids they are great :) congrats on your baby girl.

  2. I cant get enough of this little cutie!! We love Freshly Picked, too!!! Great post and AWESOME pics!!!

  3. I'd love to win a pair of moccs for my baby girl. My five year old had them as a baby and now I want my youngest to have a pair of her own!! Thanks for this opportunity. You seriously rock!!!!

  4. these pictures are just too cute!

  5. These little mocs are the most adorable thing EVER. They are so soft and appear to be made very well. I was super impressed with how easy they are to get on my little guy's feet!