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Hi guys!
Hey parents, we all love when our kids get sick right? It's like the best thing ever! moody little babies and toddlers screaming and crying all day is awesome! Don't you just love when they cough on you and sneeze on you too? It's like a big beautiful ball of germs but it’s so cute because it's from your baby. Ah, don't forget all the boogers. The wonderful, wonderful boogers and the runny little button noses. Oh and medication time! I love chasing my toddlers around the house trying to get them to take their medication only to spill it everywhere. It's the greatest. I love it! 

Oh please none of that is true, we all know it! We hate seeing our little's get sick and feeling so helpless. We are parents it’s our natural instincts to want to make them feel better. We do everything we can for our little's when they don't feel good. I don't have a magic secret weapon to stop our little's from getting sick although I wish I did but I do have two little secrets I'm gonna share with you guys to make things more easy during this tough time. In the mail I received two things for review.  I received the Media Frida and a BreatheFrida. I was really happy about both. We already have the Nose Frida in our bathroom and it works great. So I knew these things wouldn't disappoint. 

 The Media Frida is so freaking cool. It's basically a medicine dispenser and pacifier all in one. I 
 don't know about you guys but sometimes Ivy and Aria hate taking medication, anything they can do to get out of it they will. With the Media Frida it take the hassle away from that problem. What you do is fill the syringe with medication. Clasps the hook to keep the medication from dripping (which we didn’t do, although the medication didn’t drip). Insert your syringe right into the pacifier.  Place in baby's mouth and you push the medication inside. This then sends the medication to the side of baby's cheeks missing their tiny taste buds. Then baby swallows! no mess, no screaming baby, no problems. Ivy liked this a lot she kept pretending to be a baby just to use it. 

The Breath Frida booger wipes are also pretty cool. 30 wipes come in a small package for easy access. Great for on the go or at home these wipes are very soothing for your little babes sore nose. They smell amazing and are made with chamomile, vitamin B and aloe. Not only will your baby thank you for these after those yucky boogers are gone, but you'll be so impressed you might wanna give yourself a pat on the back!
So two great items for your babe to make sick life a little less stressed. I give them two thumbs up!

Thank you Fridababy for our goodies!
You can shop Media Frida. HERE.
You can shop BreatheFrida HERE.
You can check out all things Fridababy HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Fridababy.)

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