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Happy birthday Precious.

Hi guys!
Today is a very important day, this day 20 years ago my first niece was born. Months early, very premature weighing less than 5lbs doctors weren’t sure what was going to happen. Fast forward to 20 years later and she is a wonderful, strong, happy, & health human being. Everything my niece puts her mind to she excels in it. She is so smart and wonderful and kind. It amazes me how much wiser she gets every day at such a young age. She keeps my old butt up on the latest trends, styles, rappers you name it. I love the fact that we always have conversations about our futures even though we’re getting older everyday and have no idea what direction we’re going in. But one things for sure. I am
so proud to be able to call this kid my niece, I couldn’t love her more if I tried. Happy birthday Precious, I love you. Gang! Gang! :)

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