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Ivy's London Littles.

Hi guys!
What's one of your favorite pass times as a kid? Well mine is defiantly playing in the rain. I could remember sneaking into the back yard to play in the rain when I was little. My mom would never allow us outside in the rain because of course she didn't want us to get sick. So like the mischievous little girl I was I remember sneaking out the sliding glass door in my rain boots to the back yard. I would run and jump in every puddle I could find. It was so much fun! I would come back in the house drenched as heck. There was no denying what I just did as I looked up at my mom with big puppy eyes and pouty lips. "Don't do it again Porsha." My mom whispered as she wrapped me in a towel and carried me upstairs to get cleaned. But as she carried me away I stared outside the window. Longing for the moment I would be able to play in the rain again in my favorite rain boots. I loved playing in that rain and it seems as if my daughter has inherited the fun loving spirit as well. In rain and sunshine now she can do so in her London Littles.

London Littles is a adorable shop that creates rain boots for you little's. Created by a sweet family of 6 and Inspired by the family's time where they lived in London they created these boots for you little's to enjoy as well. London Littles are very durable and made for not only rain but all the adventures little children have every single day. They come in five different designs that are very cute for boys and girls. London Little boots range is sizes from toddler 5 to child 3. All boots are made from natural rubber with a cotton lining. Not only that but they are inexpensive as well, yet made with great quality. Which makes for happy parent pockets.

The Kensington floral water color boots Ivy was wearing were inspired by the central gardens in London. I love London Littles because my toddler is rough and tough and she runs around and pays a lot. I feel as if these boots were defiantly made to keep up with her. Shes my wild one. She approves and so do I. I would recommend London Littles to any parent who has a wild one or a little fashionista. 

Thank you London Littles for the boots.
You can check out London littles HERE.
You can buy Ivy's Kensington boots  HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by London Littles.)

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