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Ivy's Riwbox.

Hi guys!
Remember that one time I made that awesome post about those awesome headphones from that one awesome company here on my awesome blog? Ha.. but no really do you remember? well have no fear Riwbox is here! yes once again with another awesome review but this time my husband isn't the the Carr in the house reviewing them.

I was so excited to bring you guys my previous post from Riwbox ( you can read it here). I got a  bunch of great feed back on here and Amazon, and I am really happy with the last review. Well you know what Rwbox seemed to be pretty happy with it too. Because a few days ago I was contacted to do another review for them. I love them so much of course I said hell yeah! Only this time they weren't sending me headphones to review they were sending them for my daughter to review.

These Riwbox headphones are called Riwbox AB005 Wireless 4.0. Oh yes such a fancy name right? These ones are fold-able headphones that feature a FM radio and LED light! These headphones are great for listing to music or playing a game on your tablet with. It has great volume control and doesn't get extremely loud. Which I love because they are for my toddler. They are very lightweight and easy to tote. I think these are perfect for toddlers and kids of all ages. The fact that they are wireless is the best because you don't have to worry about kids wrapping themselves up in the string, no choking hazards. Plus when were on the go in the car seat I don't have to worry about a string either. That my favorite part about these headphones.

Ivy enjoyed them so much, the LED lights on the side of the headphones made her feel so cool. I asked Ivy what she thought about her new headphones and she said "pretty cause they light up". These headphones are totally kid friendly and this mama and daughter duo approves!

Thank you Riwbox for the headphones.
You can check out Riwbox HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Rowbox


  1. Wow I'm going to look into those for my five year old-these sound amazing. I love the leds and colors and especially no cords!!! The little model is adorable and I'm sold!!!!

  2. They are super neat and I love them cause they're wireless hopefully ill be giving some away soon