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Kudo Bandz.

Hi guys!
How many times a day do we bribe our little's to get them to do what we want? Oh come on you guys can be honest. This is a safe haven consider this your home away from home. I know I do. Oh yeah Ivy is throwing one of her Ivy tantrums. She does this thing where she stomps her feet, balls her hands and says "mommy! I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm mad." glad she's expressing her feeling though I wish she expressed them more quietly. Or in public with Aria there's nothing cute about the way she "expresses" her feelings. She screams like a opera singer at the top of her lungs and rolls around on the floor like a puppy a doing a trick. The trick is making mama disappear in embarrassment behind the diaper bag. Ever been to the grocery store by yourself  one kid in tote the other trying to climb out the cart, you trying to pay for your grocery, holding up the line with screaming kids. If you have toddlers and this sounds all to familiar then trust me when I tell you the Kudo Ban is for you mama.

These little things are a life saver and they are called Kudo Banz. Kudo Banz are a on the go sticker chart for your little's wrist. Created by the mama above who inspired the grocery store example. Amanda a mom of three wanted something she could have to keep her little's on their best behavior at home and in public. But not just your ordinary sticker chart for good behavior. Hence the Kudo Ban. The Kudo Ban creates structure, awareness, recognition, and positive manner according to the Kudo Banz site. I most definitely agree with all of those things. So how does the Kudo Banz work exactly?

Well we received the Kudo Banz starter pack for review. I gave each my daughters a band for their wrist. I then read them the story of the "Adventures of Drago & George". It;s a cute little book about a monkey and drago and their Kudo Banz. Reading this from the jump really gets the little's excited to wear their banz. I know Ivy and Ari were pretty stoked when I was reading them their story. Once we were finished reading we used the worksheet in our book to set some goals for the girls. They are still really young only 2 and 3 so we set some realistic toddler goals such as picking up their dolls, brushing their teeth, sharing etc. After that we then downloaded the Kudo Banz app on my iPhone. The app was really neat it allowed us to set up a reward wheel with the voices of Ivy and Ari. After that we were all set and the girls were ready to start earning their Kudo rewards. So we had a little test and took a trip to Target with our banz. I really saw a difference in the girls behaviors. They were very much willing to be good girls in the store. They still did really amazing at Target. Not one temper tantrum and I got all my shopping done in peace. One of their favorite parts of the Kudo Banz was watching their sticker come alive on the app. I thought that was really cool as well. The Kudo Bandz are the best thing since sliced bread. I no longer waste my time bribing my girls because I got the Kudo Banz power. Oh yes!

Thank you Kudo Banz for our Kudo starter pack.
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(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Kudo Banz.)
Kudo Banz starter pack.

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