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Momlife (what they don't tell you).

Hi guys!
It's me Porsha here, I never feel the need to introduce myself but today is a little bit different. Because I have a ton of friends on this blog post with me and we are bringing you the real deal mom life. So it goes the beautiful amazing life of a pregnant female. Your husband rubs your feet for you, people open doors for you, you have this beautiful pregnancy glow right? ha! wrong! well mom's and moms to be and whoever else is reading this I'm not here to burst your bubble or scare anyone but today's blog post is getting real. I have partnered up with four of my favorite Instagram/blogging mamas to bring you a real post about mom life. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, it'll make you feel good. So grab all your mom friends and get ready to hear about being pregnant, c-sections, during birth and after birth! Here we go Melissa start us of girl..

..About being pregnant

Hi guys! I’m Melissa, I’m a mom of two boys and a sucker for being pregnant. I LOVE being pregnant. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns though, it’s hard work, it’s uncomfortable, painful, and sometimes you just feel like crying. 

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, you start worrying. Will the test lines get darker? How come I don’t feel any movement? These are the things that went through my head almost daily. It’s complete worth it in the end, trust me. In just a few short months, you’ll be holding your sweet little babe. 

When I was in labor with my first, it was not the movie theatre “my water broke” scene. It was just a trickle and I didn’t realize it was my water for over 12 hours! The hospital tour and pamphlets don’t tell you about that or about the amount of blood you’re going to be seeing for the next two months, either. In fact, after my baby was born and they handed me a big bag of pads, I was confused. Turns out, you really will need those mattress sized pads for at least a few weeks after birth. It’s like your period on steroids, so be prepared. 

Not all of it is scary though, feeling those first little kicks, finding out the gender, and decorating the nursery are all wonderful and fun things you get to do while being pregnant. And let’s not forget, shopping for baby clothes. I’m a sucker for a cute baby outfit! 

Melissa, owner of

About having a C-section...

My first c-section I made a huge mistake by looking around the room when I entered it. Nobody tells you all the terrifying tools they need to use for a c-section. For my next 2 c-sections, I kept my eyes CLOSED until I was lying down on the operating table. After 3 c-sections I can still remember the smell of my skin being cut open. Nobody told me I’d be able to smell my flesh burning. When it’s all over, the smells continue. Nobody told me I’d have uncontrollable gas for 24+ hours.. the first few hours I couldn’t jump up and hide for each fart. I still remember my husband sitting in the corner trying to sleep in a chair.. in silence, listening to me fart all night long. I totally tried blaming it on the baby!
Michelle, owner of Michelle Smith Instagram

..About giving birth vaginally

There I was days away from my twenty second birthday and about to birth my first child, a son. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was sitting on the living room sofa about to get my life with a bowl of chicken and rice chef baby daddy whipped up and out of no where….splash. A gush of water ran down my legs. Calm cool and collected I showered grabbed my perfectly packed hospital bag and we were out. I wasn’t nervous at all I felt 100% prepared. WELLLL….While everyone suggested I made sure our bag was packed weeks ahead of time, to eat something before I got to the hospital because I may not be able to eat for a while and to bring a pair of comfy clothes to go home in there was soooooo much the tribe left out. Starting with the breaking of my water….no one told me that there was going to be an ever lasting flow of liquid. I assumed once your water broke that was it NO! The stain on the passenger side of bae’s truck said other wise. By the time we got to the hospital and up to labor and delivery I was soaked down to my shoes. All I could think of was “note to bae grab me some new shoes from the house when this is over because these ain't gone work.” Just Nasty. The second time I remember thinking my tribe forgot to mention this sh*t, when the labor pains hit and the nausea wasn’t too far behind. As if I had jumped back into my first trimester I was throwing up like crazy with every contraction. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, even strangers in the street, voiced how painful it all would be but not one of those people mentioned there was a possibility I would be hurling along with the contraction. Okay on to after giving birth. I must confess I had no idea I would be birthing a baby followed by a placental about 5 to 10 minutes afterwards. I remember laying there legs still spread doctor still all up in my business while bae and baby bonded in the corner. WTF Why was I still laboring? I know there wasn’t two babies in there. The placenta OOOHHHH! I don’t know if I thought it would come right out with baby or what but I wasn’t expecting to still be laying there TEN whole minutes after having the baby. I’ll admit I should have done more research myself but I was young and depending on my wise elders to show me the way so I blame my lack of knowledge on them L.O.L. Now after all that the surprises just kept rolling in... out comes the full on mommy diaper. Why wouldn’t anyway tell me I was going to be rocking a Depend when they saw me toss a pair of black leggings into my bag? Have you ever seen a grown woman rock a diaper with leggings? Not attractive. Oh then there is the everlasting cycle, the about five to six month pregnant belly that decides to stick around after the baby is out, and hemorrhoids. YES I had hemorrhoids after pushing my beautiful baby out into the world. Did your doctor request a bowl movement before you were able to leave the hospital? Mines did. This request... under those conditions...the worst. I mean I can go on and on about all the things “they” didn’t tell me about giving birth but I’ll end on this note. ADULT DIAPERS AND LEGGINGS AREN’T A GOOD LOOK! Here’s to hoping your tribe give you the REAL and to doing a little extra research yourself.   

Sharnique, owner of

About motherhood all around..

What They Never Tell You About Motherhood…They never tell you that the first few hours at the hospital after having your wonderful little bundle of joy will be some of the WORST sleep you get in your life! And not because of your new baby. Nope. It’s because of all the nurses and other hospital staff! Every 2 hours they would come in and check blood pressure and god awful number of other things. On top of that, you have people from registration and financial services and lactation consultants all coming into your room so often, you barely have anytime alone with your new little family! You get so little sleep because of that, on top of checking constantly on your baby who sleeps soundly the ENTIRE NIGHT. The only time they do that until they hit 3 months... if you’re lucky! For us who aren’t lucky, we remember all those nights as a young kid and stupid teenager where you would sleep incredibly late. You end up wishing to God  you could go back to it and appreciate that sleep so much more. In fact, I would be more than happy to time travel and save some of that sleep in reserve for during the newborn stage where moms turn into zombies! They never tell you that there will be this constant pressure to be the “perfect mom”. You want to be that mom who makes homemade Pinterest worthy lunches or dinners every day. That mom who seems to always have the laundry all done, folded, and put away meanwhile the entire house is spotless. That mom who can get up early in the morning to get an hour of yoga in then sipping some green tea while making a breakfast Martha Stewart would be jealous of. All before the kids wake up! That mom with the kids with perfect manners, no tantrums, and who knows how to make their bed and clean up their room all by themselves at 3 years old! Reality though is definitely less pretty and organized. And FAR from perfect. Those perfect lunches end up becoming a grilled cheese with ketchup, and maybe apples on the side, for three days in a row because your child has suddenly decided they no longer like peanut butter, and carrots seems like the newest “bad word”.  It’s doing laundry late at night when the kids are already asleep and being so exhausted from the entire day that those clothes you just cleaned end up in the laundry basket in one huge pile while you so gracefully (or not) stumble into bed with maybe your sweater and yoga pants still on. It’s breaking up fights between siblings because “Mom! Logan poked me!” and “No I didn’t! She poked me!Meanwhile you’re thinking that if they don’t stop fighting you’re gonna be the one doing the poking. It’s not even needing an alarm clock anymore because the kids will be sure to wake you up, and you’ll be damned if you waste any time to sleep just to warm the coffee early. It’s becoming a coffee drinker because drinking wine or an energy drink so early in the morning is strictly forbidden in the Parent Rule Book. They also don’t tell you though that being called “mommy” in that sweet little voice will melt your heart Every. Single. Time. Even when you’re mad. They don’t tell you that saying “Thank you Mommy!” with the most genuine excitement because you picked a little flower that was growing in the yard just to give to them would make you feel like you gave them the moon with just that tiny flower. They don’t tell you that every single night you’ll think about if you could have done something better. Been more crafty and fun, had more patience, or if you showed them just how much you loved them. They don’t tell you that parenthood will make you want to grind your teeth down to nubs and rip your hair out, but that same parenthood and those same little ones who make you parents, will be the best gift in your life. Knowing that there is someone who loves you unconditionally in a way that nobody else could, and finding out just how much love you could hold. That is what they don’t tell you about parenthood. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Ashley , owner of

There ya have it all the realness about motherhood, the best hood there is. I just wanna give a huge shout out to all my friends who guest stared on this post with me! All you guys were really honest and it was such a wonderful pleasure to have you as guest on my blog. You're all super moms to me.
 love you mamas :)

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