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My Gululu.

Hi guys!
 A place where kids do their chores, beds make themselves, and dinner is always hot and ready like a Little Caesars pizza. A place where toddlers share their toys and don’t draw on the furniture. A magical land where us mom's don’t have to change diapers and toys pick up themselves.. heck! even better a place where the toys that you just picked up five minutes ago aren’t all over the floor again five seconds later. A place where kids eat their vegetables and drink water! Okay, okay fine maybe mom land of doesn’t exist. But you know what? One of those magical things do and that it's name is Gululu.

What on earth is a Gululu? Well Gululu is an interactive water bottle that encourages our kids to drink more water and stay hydrated. Yeah I know there’s thousands of water bottles in the market for kids and there’s some pretty good ones too but there is absolutely none like the Gululu. Personally for me my kids love water. Well Ivy does at least, Ivy's loves staying hydrated. Aria is another story. Aria does not like water she hates, it she would rather take a 10 hour nap then drink water. She’s all about her juice. She’s two years old and for two years I’ve been trying to find something something that will make her want to drink water and stay hydrated, something fun. I am so happy that I came across Gululu.

So like I was saying before Gululu is a interactive water bottle. Gululu was created to get kids like Aria who hate drinking water and kids like Ivy who love drinking water to drink more water. It is a water bottle that opens up the doors to a whole new healthy life style for your kid's. Because with Gululu drinking water is fun. The Gululu bottles are made with a build it screen that brings fun virtual pet characters to life. Yes your kid’s can actually watch these little virtual pets on the screens of their water bottles. Once your kid’s choose their virtual friend to travel on the healthy Gululu journey with them there is so much to do and explore!

The Gululu lets kid’s learn through discovery and play. Your kid’s can go on cool adventures with their virtual friend. The more water that they drink the more adventures they unlock and rewards they win. They can even add their friends and play with them. Not only that but they can even connect their bottle wirelessly with wifi to the cloud-based app that lets them play along side you. Yes the Gululu bottle comes with an app that parents can download in their apps stores and create customized profiles for their kid’s. With this app us moms can keep track of how much our kid's are drinking on a daily basis and tracks stats. I think this is pretty cool because I have apps like that for myself on my iPhone but I never thought of having a app like that for my kid’s. I love that idea. My kid’s are getting healthy and hydrated drinking a ton of water and having fun while doing so. Best part is they have no idea.

Gululu water bottle is custom designed with your kid’s in mind. It is for ages 3+ and comes in three different colors pink, yellow and blue. It is very easy for small hands to grip and is made with double layer casing for your piece of mind. It doesn't come with any cords attached or any metal exposed. It includes a charging base super easy to store and use. All Gululu needs is two hours on the charging base and your Gululu can be used for up to 3 days! That's so awesome! Gululu is a very safe for kid’s which was a huge concern of mine. because it is basically a electronically device. But Gululu is 100% safe and even water proof for easy washing (not dishwasher safe). Just remember that.

I love this water bottle for so may reasons. Lets see where do I even start? I love that I can track my girls with my iPhone on the app as I mentioned above. I cant get over how neat that is. Also I am swooning over the bed time and school time mode which allows no distractions while your little is sleeping or at school. But my most favorite part about the Gululu water bottle is that it's made with a built in smart sensor. This means if your kid’s decide to sneak away and pour the water out without drinking it the Gululu bottle detects it. So no cheating over here na-uh not happening.

Gululu water bottle is a great bottle for every kid It does so many things and promotes such a healthy message. Gululu is also partnered with Generosity. For every bottle that is sold they provide clean drinking water forever to a child in a developing country. How beautiful is that? This bottle truly builds life long good habits in children and if you're looking for a water bottle I suggest you look no further than Gululu.

Oh and guess what guys The Gululu is valued at $149.00 but right now you can get yours for only $79.00 on sale for Valentines day! or you can get one for free on my Instagram here's how

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Thank you Gululu for our waterbottle!
You can check out all thing Gululu HERE.
You can shop Gululu HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a paid post from Gululu.)


  1. I keep my kiddos hydrated by offering them their stainless steel water bottles through the day. Alot of the times they get tossed to the side, so this would truly be amazing and helpful. It would bring back some sanity to my life and help keep my kiddos healthy. Thanks for this awesome review and sharing pics of your beautiful little girl!!! My fingers are crossed!! I'll tag my friends on IG!