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Nomi + Sibs.

Hi guys!
Aww, the playground.. such a fun place for parents and kids. A place where moms can go kick up there feet and catch up on that romance novel they're reading. Or sit and chat with other moms about the hottest new baby items. A place where kids can go and make best friends with another kid they'll probably never see again. A place where kids can run around and play tag and climb all over the jungle gym, swing, skip, play, laugh, fall down and have fun (aka tire yourself out for nap time #momhack.) The playground a place where another kid can mistakenly pick up your child's sippy cup and DRINK OUT OF IT!!!! Wait whaaaaaaaaaaa? No, no, no. Yeah how many times has this one happened? We all shop at same places, buy the same cups and bam! next thing you know the kid who eats dirt named Gina Germy is sucking on your kids sippy cup. We cannot have this. Not at all.
Thank goodness for Nomi & Sibs.

Nomi & Sibs was created by a girl mama named Courtney. Courtney who has two beautiful girls (hooray for girl moms) knew she wanted to get out there and be apart of the ever growing mom community of inventors. Inspired by her girls Courtney created the Nomi label. Courtney had a clear vision to create labels that were safe for use on drinking cups and feeding containers. She did just that! Nomi & Sib labels are non toxin-free, safely manufactured and extremely adaptable. When you purchase labels from Nomi & Sibs they last forever! you can move them from your baby's bottles, to sippy cups for toddlers, to big kid cups for school aged kids, and even water bottles for the teenage years. These lables grow with your child for years to come. You can even use them on containers and themors. You don't have to worry about them ripping, fading or tearing in the dishwasher because they are built to last and dishwasher safe. Nomi & Sib labels are personalized with your child's name on them and come in packs of 4 and in 6 different colors.

We received two of the 4 packs of personalized Nomi & Sibs labels in the mail for review. Although when they can in the mail Ivy immediately put it on her wrist as a bracelet. Although this are NOT toys they make darn cute bracelets too. We received Coral Queen for Aria and Rose Posie for Ivy. The colors were more pretty in person than in the photos from the website and so soft and girly. They were easy to slide onto the girls cups and did not move or slip around. They stayed right in place and very clean even though the girls were all over the playground with them. Not a drop of dirt! I felt good knowing that Gina Germy wasn't going to mistake her sippy cup for their’s on the playground. I wasn't nervous when the girls sat their cups down anywhere. I love how adorable and durable these labels are. In the future I cant wait to see them expand in darker colors like purple and black. Since we got ours we have used them on every cup, 24/7! I would recommend these to any parent!

Thank you Nomi & Sibs for our labels!
You can check out Nomi & Sibs HERE.
You can shop all things Nomi & Sibs HERE.


(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Nomi & Sibs.

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