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Radius family.

Hi guys!
Ketchup is red right? the sky is blue? airplanes fly and automobiles drive. You go Target to buy diapers, you come out with a rug, sugar, 27 outfits, a puppy, a cure to world hunger, the latest dvd's and no diapers. My point is there are just some things in the world that just cannot be changed but lucky for us our smile doesn't have to one of them. We can change our smile by doing the best we can to take care of our teeth. We need our teeth right? so why not cherish the ones we have. Welp thank goodness for cool funky looking tooth brushes called Radius.

Radius toothbrushes are a timeless classic. When I say timeless I mean it, these tooth brushes have been around since before I was born. They are toothbrushes that people know, love and trust. These toothbrushes are crafted by great architects to bring you the best brushes around. They are over the top unique and made for specialized purposes. My first thought when I got the tooth brushes for my family in the mail was "oh my gosh, look how twisty and crazy these look, these are neat!" Radius toothbrushes are super long lasting! some even come with replacement heads that allows you to switch the head of the toothbrush and use another. this is great because this means you don't have to buy a new tooth brush and you can reduce waste for our world. They are also made with Bio-Plastic and Vegetable based bristles. Another good thing about Radius is all of their packaging is recyclable and they do not test on innocent animals.  

Radius makes products for the entire family and not just toothbrushes either. Radius products include toothbrushes, floss, doc and travel cases and they even have their own organic toothpaste. Their tooth paste is USDA certified and comes in mint and ginger for the adults and coconut banana for the little ones. Radius makes four different types of tooth brushes from age 6 months to toddler kid. They also make four different kinds for adults and two of which the heads are replaceable as I mentioned above. Plus vegan floss! hooray! told ya there's something for every one. 

In our package we received:
1 tots brush for Ivy.
1 tots plus brush for Ari.
1 Original brush for me.
1. Source brush for my hubby.
1 toothpaste for us & 1 toothpaste for the kids.

I loved the way my tooth brush was bent, I felt like it was really doing the job when I was brushing and the bristles were nice and soft. My husband liked the wood design and feel of his. Ivy and Ari loved brushing together. Ivy loved the little bumps on the handle of hers and Aria just loved having her own toddler sized brush just for her. The tooth paste tasted really good as well, it did not even taste like other brand tooth paste! My family and I had such a good time brushing together with these. I'm glad Radius makes fun brushes the whole family can use. You have to get you one :)

Thank you Radius for providing me and my whole family with brushes and toothpaste!
You can shop all things Radius HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)

(This is a sponsored post by Radius.) 


  1. I've used a toothbrush from them before and it was neat. I love reducing waste wherever I can so this company is wonderful. I did not know they have their own toothpaste so I'll definitely have to try that!!

  2. You know you're a adult when you get excited for toothpaste lol