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Hi guys!
If you're a mama or dada like me and my husband were always trying to find things to make bath time more fun, more exciting and more enjoyable for our girls. They have a ton of bath toys between the two of them but eventually they start to get bored with the same old naked barbies. An the random toy pieces that have somehow made its way into the bath tub. So in order to keep them in the bath for longer (because lets face it its the only time of day where we get a minute to ourselves) We have brought something fun into our the Carr house hold and that is Sudprize!

Sudprize is a bath bomb shop created just for kids. Sudprize bath bombs are eco-friendly and made with only natural ingredients. Which is very important to me as I've said many times before in previous blog post my girls have eczema so it's really important what I use on their skin. I felt comfortable letting them use these bath bombs after reading off the label. They smell so great! I like to explain the smell like a new born baby. Seriously the smell is so sweet and fresh. Each Sudprize bath bomb features a different character aka SudBud. That teaches children about animals and the environment. Inside each bath bomb box there is a play ticket with a special code on it. That code can be used with the special SudBudz Run app (which you can download for free in your phones app store). You can then enter the code to unlock fun games for your little's after all the bath time fun of course. Hence the name Sudprize! Oh and did you know they give a portion of their proceeds to charity. They are bomb! ha get it.. cause bath bombs.. the bomb.. okay bad mom joke moving along.

These Sudprize's were so much fun and my girls loved them. I'm glad there's a shop out there that creates a bath bomb that actually promotes learning for our kids. Plus each bomb is only $5.99 which is a total steal. I'm recommending these!

Thank you Sudprize for our bath bombs!
You can shop Sudprize bath bombs HERE.
You can check out all things Sudprize HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Sudprize.)

Ricky the Rhino Fizzy Bath Ball <p><font size="3">Item #SUD004</font>

Joey the Cheetah Fizzy Bath Ball <p><font size="3">Item #SUD002</font>

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