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The Art Box.

Hi guys!
Today I am bringing you all another one of my fun adventures I went on with my girls about a week ago. Like the self proclaimed "cool mom" I am, I always look for new fun things to do with my girls. I love getting out to experience new things with them and take them to new places other than the playground all the time. Say hello to a place called The Art Box.

This is not a sponsored post. The Art Box is this neat little hidden spot located in Fair Oaks, CA. This is a place where kids can come and have a fun time exploring sensory art and creating different art projects. They're open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM and Saturday through Monday by appointments only. They are very affordable, kids under 17 months are $5.00, over 17 months are $10.00, Oh and on Tuesdays (the day we went) kids are only $8.00! adults are free (with paying child). What a deal right? The Art Box has everything from open play to planting classes for children and adults plus they even host birthday parties. There's so much do at The Art Box. The whole building is basically two huge rooms, but sectioned off with different stations for activities. Each month The Art Box has a different theme to it. This month the theme is dinosaurs.

There was a ton of different dinosaur activities to do. In the first station of the the box there’s a space with a table where kids can create free style art. Crayons, markers colored paper, play-doh, it was all there. The station across from that Aria loved it was paint a dinosaur with q-tips. She had a bunch of fun with this. Right next to there was a long piece of paper filled with dinosaurs where the girls were able to stamp away with fun little stamp markers. There was even a dinosaur action figure with stamp pads to make dino paw prints! Don't even get me started on the fun selection of other dinosaur related art activities.

 There was everything from digging for fossils in the sand to a Orbeez filled tank with dinosaur toys. Plus on the other side of the box the girls were able to not only paint their own pictures to take home but also paint actually dinosaur toy figures! It was so adorable watching them pretend to be little dinosaurs and growl at each other. Lastly the girls really enjoyed the shaving cream section. Here they made volcano's erupt against a shaving cream wall, I've got to try this at home because they had such a great time with it. Next month the theme is Under The Sea. I can only imagine how much fun that will be for the kids!

I had been to The Art Box before a few years ago when Ivy was about two years old. She loved it, so I was excited to take her back. I was also excited Aria got to experience it for the first time with her sister. The Art Box is so much fun, and staff is amazing too, if you're looking for something fun and creative to do with your little's then head to The Art Box.

Thank you to The Art Box for such a amazing fun filled day. We had a blast we will definitely be returning :)

Check out The Art Box HERE!