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The Museum Of Ice Cream.

Hi guys!
I cant wait to tell you guys all about my adventure that I went on last Monday. Rewind to a few months ago I purchased some tickets for The Museum Of Ice Cream. Their San Francisco location announced they would be closing soon. I had to grab some tickets. I was so excited! My daughters and I packed up the car with their iPad's, a bunch of junk food and took a trip to San Francisco to visit The Museum Of Ice Cream. On the way to the museum we took a detour to Oakland to pick up one of my best friends ever Tonisha. Once we picked up Tonisha and got to San Francisco the fun really started. Our first ever girls trip.

San Francisco is absolutely beautiful. Any and every time I go there I never wanna leave. The weather, the people, the food, the atmosphere, I love it all. Once In San Francisco we found a place to park after driving in circles for what seemed like forever! The girl had a potty break and we walked about a block and a half to the museum. Once in line we got our tickets electronically scanned and they let us in, in small groups of people. I should have known it was going to be a great time when they let us grab a hand full of a variety of Dove chocolates on our way in. After getting in we had an  employee give us the rules and break down of the museum. She then asked our group our favorite color, ice cream and animal The turquoise, mint giraffes were born! We then had to choose a group leader which Tonisha volunteered for right away. Our group would eventually break apart and do our own thing but it was fun for the moment.

The museum had a ton of rooms inside. Each room had a different theme and fun facts on the wall.  Each room also included a yummy treat and had huge over sized statues. There was something fun to do in every room! Some of the rooms even had a TV in them so you could record fun videos and email them straight to your phone to keep. I've posted two of them below.

The first room we went into we played a game where we tried to throw the toy rings onto the bottles similar like a game you'd play at the carnival. Second room we moved into looked like a old school diner. It had a jute box inside and a ice cream bar. Behind the counter the employees served us the best cherry ice cream I had ever had in my life.. gosh I can still taste it. After that we headed to a room that was basically like one huge magnet is had a ton of pink letters on the wall, where we could spell out whatever we wanted. They gave us an ice cream treat in that room too. Moving along the next room was filled with glitter and everything cherry. Inside there we ate a bunch of sweet cotton candy. The room after that was like a gummy bear land. Giant gummy bears and candies everywhere. It was neat after those we moved into a all ice cream room, rock climbing wall room, pop rocks room, and even a room that had swings with bananas hanging over your head.

The best room of all though was the sprinkle pool room! Oh my gosh. Ivy had been watching videos on You tube Kids about this room for months. She was the most excited. This room was a huge room with a swimming pool filled with sprinkles. The girls jumped inside and was splashing and laughing and throwing sprinkles in the air. It was literally the best time ever. We only had a limited time in this room because the line for that room was really long. So when we had to get out the girls were not happy. Especially Aria, she screamed and cried. We had to move into the "de-sprinkler" room where there were blowers to blow all of sprinkles out of your hair and clothes. Lets just say days later and I'm still trying to sprinkles out of unknown places ha ha.

The Museum Of Ice cream with my daughters and Tonisha was so much fun. It was worth all the spinkles and the long drive to San Franciso. It is one of the best memories I've had so far this year. 
I hope that day will be something that my girls remember for a life time.

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