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Toddler Valentines Day gift.

Hi guys!
With Valentines Day only like what, two days away? I decided to share with you all a super quick, super easy and super cute Valentines Day gift for toddlers. I made these for my own girls this year and I’m pretty excited to give it to them! It only took me a few minutes to put together. Plus the entire gift cost under $40.00 or so. Even though me and my husband don’t celebrate Valentines Day between the two of us, we still do for our girls. So I loved this idea, hope you guys like it too. 

Valentines Day baskets is what I made for my girls. I took a trip to Target of course and I started in the dollar spot. That’s where I purchased a bulk of the stuff for the basket. I was looking through the spot, searching for not only cute lovey stuff but also things they could use.

 I started with a pair of fuzzy Valentines Day themed socks. While Aria won’t be able to fit hers right away, $1.00 is a steal I couldn’t pass it up plus the socks were so cute! 
V-day basket total = $1.00

Then I spotted these mini fidget spinners. Ivy is freaking obsessed with these things. While Aria likes them too we we’re never able to find any small enough for her fingers until now! They come two in a pack for $3.00 each!
V-day basket total = $7.00

I was on my way out of the dollar spot I noticed some stuffed animals. Wanting to add a small toy to the bucket I picked up a lion and giraffe. For $3.00 each.
V-day basket total = $13.00

Next I made my way to the actual Valentines Day section in the back of the store. I didn’t really want to add candy to their baskets. But who am I kidding it’s Valentines Day. So I found Frozen themed candy hearts with stickers and a sweet candy necklace. I couldn’t decide between the two so I got both. The neck for $1.49 and the heart for $2.99
V-day basket total = $22.00

A little later I thought I would add one more thing to the basket. But something for more longer term use. While socks were long term I wanted something they could use daily. So I went online to one of my favorite shops ever, Replay Recycled and purchased two sippy cups. Ivy’s favorite color pink and Arias favorite color purple. These were $4.50 each.
V-day basket total = $31.00

After all this I forgot I needed something to put the toys in so I took a trip to Walmart and got the buckets at $0.98 cent a piece! 
V-day basket total = $35.00 ish give or take.

So there ya guys have it a quick and easy Valentines Day gift basket for your little’s. I can’t wait to see the look on my girls face when I give them their baskets. Thanks for reading guys. Oh yeah and happy Valentine’s Day or whatever :)


  1. You know how to make a fun basket!! I always get too carried away when my intentions are to do something small simple and sweet!

    I bet they loved them!

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